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Billiards - 04. August 2009.

US Open 2009 is won by Ga Young

After a long week of intense competition, the finals of the 2009 WPBA US Open featured two players who haven’t won a WPBA Title in several years. Karen Corr, who’s reached the TV rounds more than a handful of times since her last win in early 2007, defeated Allison Fisher in Semi Finals #1. Meanwhile Ga Young Kim was looking for her first win since 2007. It’s interesting to note that these two have played each other twice before in a WPBA US Open Championships, with a record of 1-1. This would be the tiebreaker!

US Open 2009 is won by Ga Young

Ga Young won the lag and immediately showed her strength by successfully jumping to make the 1. She proceeded to run out to the 3 ball, but missed the combination to the 5 ball. Karen played a similar combination, and then ran out to win the first game of the finals match. Karen broke in game two, pocketing a ball but was left with nothing but the option to play safe which she did so, beautifully. Ga Young’s masse shot fell short of the mark and Karen took ball in hand, running out to the 6 ball where she missed shape. She played a safety but it didn’t prevent Ga Young from pocketing the ball and running out to tie up the match 1 all.

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