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Other Sports - 06. May 2009.

Under Rogge, womens sports are getting short shrift in Olympics

The Olympics are always looking for new ways to sustain our interest during the lull from one Games to the next. However, discussions about new methods of drug testing or how many judges will work figure skating events only go so far.

So this time, the International Olympic Committee has come up with a unique Olympic competition that will last until October, just four months before the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, one that pits baseball against softball, golf against roller sports, squash vs. karate vs. rugby. And let's not forget that time-honored classic, men vs. women.

Olympic ideals be damned. At most, only two of these seven sports will make it into the 2016 Summer Games.

Softball, which was cut when some IOC members thought they were voting to get rid of baseball (yes, really), is the cause celebre in this battle. It's the sport that has worked the hardest to get back into the IOC's good graces by taking its case, and bringing its game, to the nooks and crannies of the world.

They like softball in Gambia? Who knew?

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