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Gymnastics - 26. November 2010.

Trampoline/Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships Results

TRA-Metz13th – 20th November 2010 - Metz (FRA)

The Trampoline World Championships will be followed by the 20th World Age Group Competitions, also to be held in Metz’s Les Arènes Sports Complex from November 16 - 19, 2010. Boys and girls of Age Groups 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 years will compete in Individual and Synchronised Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline.

Zara McLean qualified in 3rd place after runs 1 and 2 in the Senior Women's Tumbling Final.  She performed consistently, but following a judge enquiry and a final ruling from the Superior Jury, FIG, it was deemed that there was a repetition of skill. Therefore her original placing, [announced as a Bronze medal], was adjusted based on difficulty and Zara was confirmed as 5th place. Irrespective of the huge disappointment this represents and the circumstances in which the adjustment was made, nonetheless this still represents a significant World Championship result. Our sincere congratulations are extended to Zara, Zoe Styles and Wakefield Gymnastics Club.

Other finalists included Adeva Bryan finished 7th (33.000) and Robyn Osborne 8th (32.400) in the Women's DMT Finals whilst, Bryony Page and Amanda Parker finished 7th in the Synchro Final scoring 43.300. This follows Bryony's 4th place finish in the Trampoline Final.
World Age Group Competitions

A bumper British delegation of young Trampoline, Synchro, Tumbling and DMT gymnasts produced the goods over 4 long days of competition at 20th World Age Group Competitions, held in Metz’s Les Arènes Sports Complex from November 16th-19th. GBR claimed 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals to come third in the medal table.

Britain took the Gold and Bronze in the Girls' 13-14 Tumbling, with Lucie Colbeck taking the title, and Yasmin Taite in Bronze; whilst Greg Townley is the Tumbling Boys' 13-14 Age Group World Champion. There was also Tumbling British Gold and Silver in the Girls' 11-12 Final with Rachel Davies and Isabel Deacon. Nathan Bailey took the Trampoline 17-18 title, and there was Silver for Britain's Natasha Carter and Sophie Lewis in the 17-18 Girls' Synchro, and Bronze for Zach Sheridan in the Trampoline Boys' 13-14 Final. Georgia Downing took Silver in the DMT Girls' 13-14 Final.

For live scoring, updates, news and full results click here. LIVE SCREENING - CLICK HERE.

Finals - 2 Gold and 2 Silver for GB!

Nathan Bailey takes the Trampoline 17-18 title!!
1  BAILEY Nathan  37.800
2  ANISIMOV Valery 37.800
3  BOBOV Valery  37.500
4  LAMBOLEY Felicio 35.100
5  BYEDYEVKIN Dmytro  23.400
6  KATO Takahiko  23.000
7  GAO Lei 8.600
8  SOEHN Keegan 4.200

Kate Overman and Megan Pettit 6th in the Synchro 15-16 Final.
1 BARDY Solenn  / LABROUSSE Lea  44.000
2 FUJITA Ayana  / FUKUI Mizufo  42.400
3 RAMAZANOVA Ruzana  / YEGIZKARAYEVA Assel  42.200
4 CHILO Fanny  / SCHERER Simone  41.900
5 KIERATH Eva  / SKINNER Natalie 40.200
6 OVERMAN Kate  / PETTIT Megan 40.000
7 CUERVA MUÑOZ Anais  / JIMENEZ ORTIZ Paula  8.400
8 LIEFTING Denise  / POL Romee  4.900

Ben Laycock 6th and Harry Leaddley 7th in Tumling Boys 11-12 Final
1  KRYZHANOVSKIY Alexey  32.100
2  HANSEN Rasmus 31.300
3  MAKARSKIY Vasily 30.000
4  ZENCHENKOV Maxim 30.000
5  GREEN Elias Soegaard  29.600
6  LAYCOCK Ben 29.600
7  LEADDLEY Harry 29.000
8  AXENOV Vladislav 27.200

Great British Gold and Silver in the Tumbling Girls 11-12 Final!!
1 DAVIES Rachel  31.000
2 DEACON Isabel  30.900
3 GLAZKOVA Victoria  30.200
4 BARRETT Jenna 30.100
5 LEEMANS Anne  29.700
6 MERVEILLIE Melanie  29.600
7 SIZOVA Maria 29.500
8 NOVIKOVA Ksenia 28.900

Georgia Downing takes Silver in DMT Girls 13-14 Final!
1 GIESBRECHT Alexandria  65.400
2 DOWNING Georgia  65.300
3 DUNAVIN Shaylee 63.800
4 KLIMOVA Liliya  62.200
5 TROYANOVA Polina 61.700
6 O'BRIEN Tamara  54.400
7 BOTTE Zoé 51.900
8 WHEATLEY Kieran 32.600

19/11- Qualfications

Synchro Boys 15-16
Phillip Jackson and Jason Ryall first reserve for Finals – 38.400. Ross Abrahams and David Fox in 16th.
Synchro Girls 15-16
Kate Overman and Megan Pettit 4th in qualifications 41.900. Emma Britton and Jasmin Short miss out on Final in 12th
Tumbling Girls 11-12
Isabel Deacon qualifies in 2nd (60.900), Rachel Davies in 4th (59.800) and Jenna Barrett 7yh (59.000). Alexandra Richardson finishes in 11th.

Tumbling Boys 11-12
Ben Laycock (59.300) and Harry Leadley (56.500) the Final with Michael Riseborough first reserve.

Trampoline Boys 17-18
Nathan Bailey qualified in 3rd (38.00), Luke Strong 1st reserve in 9th (37.000).
Mark Pennell finished 27th and Kayvon Arastah 41st.
Trampoline Girls 17-18
Sophie Lewis 12th, Zara Hall 13th, Sophie Burr 33rd and Natasha Carter 35th.

DMT Girls 13-14
Georgia Downing 3rd (65.800) and into the final. Sapphire Dallard 12th, Pheobe Williams 13th, Shannon Betts 31st.

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