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Other Sports - 03. December 2007.

Trampoline Gymnastics Finals – day 1 of 2

Stuttgart, 2 December: The respected veteran and twice Olympian Olena Movchan from
Ukraine won the Gold medal in the Women’s Individual Trampoline in a nerve-breaking Final at the National Indoor Arena on Sunday evening, 2 December.

Movchan bounced a routine with a Difficulty of 13.9 and her final score was of 37.50. The
Silver medal went to the 2007 World Silver medallist from the recent Championships in
Quebec, 19-year old Canadian Rosannagh MacLennan (36.80, Diff. 14.00), and the bronze- to
HE Wenna (CHN), 36.60, Diff. 13.2).

The 2000 Olympian Jaime Moore from Great Britain opened the Final with a score of 34.10pts,
followed by the 2004 Olympic Champion Anna Dogonadze (GER) who managed to stay in
balance in spite of some hesitance in the final part of her routine, 36.30.

From there on, those who managed to finish all the 10 requested elements on their feet -
medalled: Movchan, MacLennan and HE Wenna. The other three finalists, Savkina (UZB),
Chernova (RUS) and even the top favourite Shanshan HUANG from China, Olympic Bronze
medallist in Athens, broke their routines at different stages.


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Olena Movchan was in fact, the only one to stay within the box from the beginning until the end
of her final routine and to keep her multiple saltos and twists in excellent shape.
A victory well deserved! /VA
Results / Résultats: 1. Movchan Olena (UKR) 37.50 ; 2. McLennan Rosannagh (CAN) 36.80 ;
3. He Wenna (CHN) 36.60; 4. Dogonadze Anna (GER) 36.30; 5. Chernova Natalia (RUS)
34.70; 6. Moore Jaime (GBR) 34.10; 7. Huang Shanshan (CHN) 26.50; 8. Savkina Ana (UZB)
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