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- 02. August 2007.

Tracy Moseley Report from Crankworx 2007, Whistler, Canada

Whistler is talked about as being the best mountain bike destination in the world and having not been there for 4 years I was looking forward to seeing all the new developments. The Crankworx festival has also grown over the last few years and I was going to be taking part in 4 different races over the week. Last time I was here the garbanzo chair was not open and there were no trails on the upper slopes of the mountain. This time I was going to be racing down a selection of these new trails in the infamous Garbanzo downhill race, top of the mountain to the bottom. It was set to be a true epic of a race. With the weather conditions as bad as those I left behind in the UK it really was a challenge to get down some of the root strewn sections and more importantly to be able to see !

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