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- 11. March 2008.


A bad Weatherly weekend for the first competition of the Challenge Internazionali d’Italia Membrane Respira Cup.

Blaza Klemencic got the bronze medal with a great performance.

In Canale, Rosa and Casalegno won the Winter Regional Championship.

Saturday the first competition of the Challenge Internazionali d’Italia Membrane Respira Cup has taken place.

A location but the same Organisation for this competition, that represents one of the most important competition for the international MTB in Italy. Montichiari, as Brescia for the previous editions, has guessed the competition that officially starts the Challenge Internazionali d’Italia Membrane Respira Cup. It was an E2 race, designed into the Bonoris Castle as well as in the most spectacular and amazing places of Montichiari.

Till the early morning, at 8.30 a.m. the Women competition was scheduled. At the starting line, three athletes of the Giant Italia Team: from a side, the Elite Woman Blaza Klemencic – who has arrived at the second place taking part to the Marathon Muretto di Alassio last Sunday; from the other side, the junior Women Vittoria Casalegno and Claire Hassenfratz, who didn’t perform perfectly on a 26 km long track.

4 laps plus the start loop for the Elite Women. The athlete from Ljiubiana, Slovenia, controlled her strongest opponents at the moment arriving at the 3rd position behind the Italian Champion Annabella Stropparo and the French biker Cecile Rode Ravanel. “I felt well and till the morning I have thought that I could perform well getting a good result. I have competed progressively during the 5 laps and at the end I could defeat Sabrina Enaux at the final sprint. I’m satisfied because I will arrive at the perfect physical form at the first Marathon World Cup in Turkey”

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