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Cycling - 28. October 2011.

The Dream Team kick starts their season at the Noosa Gp

After the toughest European season of Rochelle Gilmore¹s career (due to
crashes) she is feeling refreshed, healthy and injury free leading into this
weekend¹s Noosa GP.

The Dream Team has returned for the 2011/12 summer with the additional
strength of the current OLYMPIC GAMES Champion, Nicole Cooke.

Nicole Cooke is Welsh and resides most of the year in Switzerland, she often
comes out to Australia during our summer to visit her brother Craig in WA,
who is a Qantas polit. This summer Nicole would like to take advantage of
the Australian criterium racing as a part of her 2012 Olympic preparation.

Whilst Nicole and Rochelle have just enjoyed a nice break following the
European season, the Dream Team¹s Peta Mullens should be in flying form
following a successful enduro MTB season!

The Dream Team will be made up of three renowned sprinters; current Olympic
champion- Nicole Cooke, current Commonwealth champion- Rochelle Gilmore,
Australia¹s top Enduro MTB rider- Peta Mullens and their strong reliable
domestique ­Myfanwy Galloway.

Due to Lauren Kitchen¹s immediate departure from the Dream Team last week,
the Dream Team¹s 5th position/rider is yet to be selected and confirmed
prior to the Noosa GP. Lauren had to withdraw from the team ahead of Noosa
due to her professional signing with Rabobank for the 2012 European season.

The Dream Team are very motivated and excited to be racing at this year¹s
Subaru Noosa Cycling Grand Prix.

ŒIt¹s the first race of the Australian summer season so we don¹t know the
form or level of our competitors but we¹re all excited about our new team
and very motivated to start racing again in Noosa¹ says the Honda
ambassador, Rochelle Gilmore.

The Dream Team are scheduled to race the Noosa GP, NSW Crit Series, Jayco
Bay Classic, National Criterium & the Tour Down Under criteriums.

Dream Team for the Noosa GP;

Nicole Cooke: Olympic & World Champion
Rochelle Gilmore: Commonwealth Champion
Peta Mullens: Australian Champion
Myfanwy Galloway: Professional Cyclist & Domestique



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