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Netball - 12. January 2009.

The Co-operative Netball Superleague Match Reports Round 11

Match Reports Rd 11

(2nd Round of double-header weekend)

Game 1

Glasgow Wildcats (home) v TeamBath (away)

Kelvinhall International Sports Arena

Sunday 11th January 2009.

UMPIRES: Kylie Woodhead / Chris Wilson-Smith



Q1: 7-23

Q2: 19-43

Q3: 22-66

Q4: 27-88


TeamBath came, saw and conquered in Glasgow tonight to beat Glasgow Wildcats 27-88.


The scene was set from the outset with the hapless Wildcats subject to achieve their own targets in what was a one-sided affair all night against the stacked TeamBath clientele.


Glasgow Wildcats Coach was able to find positives after the match when she said ‘On the back of a superb performance against Team Northumbria, Glasgow Wildcats today showed courage and determination. They worked as a squad working on key individual targets against top of the table and a full contingent TeamBath.’


Jess Garland, Coach of TeamBath said ‘really pleased we were able to maintain concentration, focus and momentum for longer periods and over all four quarters and with every combination.’


Pamela Cookey, TeamBath Captain added ‘It was an awesome team performance this afternoon. Everyone took the court bringing something special.’


Team Line-Ups:

Glasgow Wildcats:

GS: Lesley MacDonald

GA: Gail Higgins

WA: Jenna Storie

C: Carlene Hamilton

WD: Claire Brownie

GD: Claire Cooper

GK: Hayley Mulheron

Shooting Stats:




GS: Pamela Cookey

GA: Tamsin Greenway

WA: Sascha Corbin

C: Jo Binns

WD: Sara Bayman

GD: Gemma Fletcher

GK: Eboni Beckford-Chambers

Shooting Stats:


Game 2:

Celtic Dragons (home) v Mavericks (away)

Welsh Institute of Sport

Sunday 11th January 2009

UMPIRES: Debbie King / Anne Marie Peacock


Q1: 3-15

Q2: 8-28

Q3: 12-41

Q4: 21-52


Mavericks defeated the Celtic Dragons in Cardiff tonight 21-52.


The game was never in doubt for a strong Maverick outfit. It seemed Mavericks came prepared to play Celtic Dragons who were running off the back of a good performance on Thursday night, one which gave Loughborough Lightning a scare.


Mavericks were able to put pressure on the Celtic Dragon attack end tonight which forced many errors and disrupted their play.


A contented Maverick Coach Kendra Slawinski said post game ‘we were really pleased with the win today, work ethic and particularly with some combinations we’ve been working on during the Christmas break.’


‘Celtic Dragons contested all four quarters making Mavericks think about the way they were playing.’ Continued Slawinski.


Captain of Celtic Dragons Sara Hale said ‘We had patches of good play. We were lacking the consistency of Thursday. Mavericks put pressure on our attack end and we need to be able to take the knocks and still be able to finish off.’


Team Line-Ups:

Celtic Dragons:

GS: Chrissie Munroe

GA: Cara Moseley

WA: Amanda Trounce

C: Sarah Leach

WD: Stephanie Williams

GD: Sara Hale

GK: Lindsay Keable

Shooting Stats:

C. Munroe: 10/15, 67%

C. Moseley: 6/9, 66%

S. Blucher: 5/7, 71%




GS: Michelle Hall

GA: Louisa Brownfield

WA: Michaella Brownfield

C: Karen Atkinson

WD: Natalie Seaton

GD: Hazel Schofield

GK: Naida Hutchinson

Shooting Stats:

M. Hall: 15/20, 75%

L. Brownfield: 33/39, 85%

G. Wiseman: 4/14, 29%



Game 3:

Loughborough Lightning (home) v Northern Thunder (away)

Loughborough University

Sunday 11th January 2009

UMPIRES: Margaret Deighan / Janice Treasure


Q1: 14-11

Q2: 34-22

Q3: 51-31

Q4: 68-38


Loughborough Lightning defeated Northern Thunder convincingly tonight 68-38.


It was a positive start from Thunder who was determined to put yesterday’s loss to Brunel Hurricanes behind them. Northern Thunder shooters Karen Greig and Charlotte Beenham found form and were able to capitalise on turnover created by Thunder defence.


The start of the second quarter was a different story with Thunder loosing confidence following a few crucial errors despite patches of brilliance. Loughborough took advantage of this and built a strong lead in faultless form.


Northern Thunder re-shuffled their team line up in a failed attempt to rattle Loughborough and close the 12 goal margin at half time.


Northern Thunder Assistant Coach Suzy Chapman said after the game ‘The players felt the double header this weekend. We got off to a good start but put ourselves under pressure and couldn’t match the opposition’s performance. We made some crucial mistakes.’


Bev Lovatt said ‘In terms of our defensive work I thought the team’s effort was carried throughout the court.’


Loughborough Lightning Coach Rose Port said after the match ‘A good sound game with lots of combinations tried, and a slightly better performance then Thursday.’



Team Line-Ups:

Loughborough Lightning:

GS: Jo Harten

GA: Katy Rose

WA: Sarah Jane O’Sullivan

C: Olivia Murphy

WD: Jade Clarke

GD: Emma Bliss

GK: Hannah Reid

Shooting Stats:

J. Harten: 49/54, 91%

K. Rose: 8/9, 89%

L. Stephenson: 11/12, 92%



Northern Thunder:

GS: Karen Greig

GA: Charlie Beenham

WA: Rachel Henry

C: Helen Browne

WD: Bev Lovatt

GD: Sarah Carter

GK: Kerry Almond

Shooting Stats:

K. Greig: 21/27, 78%

C. Beenham: 16/23, 70%

K. Enziano: ½, 50%

Game 4 Round 11:

Leeds Carnegie (home) v Brunel Hurricanes (away)

Monday 12th January 2009

EIS Sheffield

UMPIRES: Gary Burgess / Jo Kelly


Q1: 9-12

Q2: 21-18

Q3: 29-28

Q4: 37-35


In a thrilling match Leeds Carnegie defeated Brunel Hurricanes by a mere two goals last night, only just securing the win in the dying two minutes of the game.


The Co-operative Netball Superleague’s Leeds Carnegie took the home ground advantage with two hands and showed an abundance of determination to take the lead from Brunel Hurricanes in the second quarter and race them to the finish line.


Leeds Carnegie’s strongest quarter was the second, winning it by six goals. This solid 15 minutes of play put Leeds Carnegie into a good position heading into the second half.


In the second half the score went goal for goal, both teams making the crowd and home viewers watching sky sports jump from their seats with anxiety and excitement.


The game was won by Leeds Carnegie in the final quarter. The difference between the two sides in this final 15 minutes of play was the ability to capitalise on turnover of possession. Although Brunel Hurricanes created many opportunities to score with intercepts by Jamie Galley and Becky Nash they were unable to shoot the goal and full credit to Leeds Carnegie who put enough pressure on Brunel Hurricanes attack in order for this to happen.


Leeds Carnegie’s GD Ama Agbeze took a match winning intercept with two minutes to go and sent it down court to GA Amanda Martin who was quick to the post. Martin and GS Joanne Walker were strong and steady for the remainder of the quarter under the post to the final whistle. Final score 37-35 to Leeds.


Leeds Carnegie Coach Anna Newell was elated at her team’s performance tonight. She said: “I’m really proud that the girls showed passion and determination to come through with a celebrated win against Brunel Hurricanes.”


Captain Jo Davis added: “It’s fantastic to get a win in such a competitive game. In both our games after Christmas Leeds Carnegie has shown we have spirit and worked really well as a team.”


But Brunel Coach Natalie Swift was sharp to put the loss behind her. She said: “We had opportunities to win, we can’t dwell on it and we have to move onto our next game on Friday.”




Team Line-Ups:

Leeds Carnegie:

GS: Joanne Walker

GA: Amanda Martin

WA: Danielle Bloomfield

C: Jennifer Fields

WD: Lisa Ferneyhough

GD: Ama Agbeze

GK: Jo Davis (capt)

Shooting Stats:

J. Walker: 25/33, 76%

A. Martin: 12/22, 65%


Brunel Hurricanes:

GS: Vicklyn Joseph

GA: Asha Tett

WA: Louise Moffat

C: Holly Nichols

WD: Becky Nash (capt)

GD: Jamie Galley

GK: Sonia Mkoloma

Shooting Stats:

A. Tett: 17/28, 61%

V. Joseph: 18/26, 69%


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