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The Change Anywhere, Anytime Sport Towel

The Chawel is half towel, half sleeping bag, with an extra hole on one end big enough to pop your head through.

The Chawel

The Chawel features a hidden pocket for tucking away valuables, there’s a sports version made from a quick-dry anti-bacterial material, and a loop on one end allows the cotton traveller version to be used as a neck pillow on trips.

The Chawel came in handy on a recent trip to the Caribbean where it was sun, sea and paradise everyday.

Before I even arrived at my destination I used the Chawel as a neck pillow on the plane, I don't sleep well on any flight but having the pillow made it a little more bareable. I felt it wasn't really chunky enough to get 100% comfortable.

I took it down to the beach everyday got changed and unchanged and it was a joy to take with me. So easy just strip off without any fuss, truly a great product to take with you. More than that I used it as a towel afterwards, meanwhile using it on my sunbed the whole day. I didn't have to carry loads of things with me which I hate, it was my book and my chawel. It also shapes up as a bed cover/sleeping blanket, to be used for the spring/summer months. The material is pleasant and I would highy recommend this product to use.

Well done Dan on a great product!!!!
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