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Snowboarding - 05. February 2010.

The BSA Rides Again… Representing Snowboarding Since 1989

Following the sad news today that Snowsport GB has gone into administration, the British Snowboard Association (BSA) is proud to announce that we will once again take control of snowboarding in the UK.


Lesley Mckenna, Snozone British Halfpipe Championships

In recent months there has been much speculation about the future of British Snowsports following reports of financial trouble within Snowsport GB (SSGB), the national governing body for skiing and snowboarding in the UK. Reports indicate a huge SSGB overspend, which has been difficult for the Snowboard Executive to accept with their programmes and great results continually being delivered within budget season after season. It seems the financial problems within alpine skiing may have contributed to the downfall of SSGB. So, it is with the support of the snowboarding community that the BSA has reformed to ensure it regains control of British snowboarding and moves forward with the future of British snowboarding in the hands of snowboarders.

Following the sad news today that Snowsport GB has gone into administration, the British Snowboard Association (BSA) is proud to announce that we will once again take control of snowboarding in the UK.

In 2005 the BSA merged its operations with Snowsport GB as part of a national modernising exercise initiated by the government to streamline administration and communication within national governing bodies. Five years on and we find ourselves in this situation, so the BSA will once again take the development of British snowboarding forward with the support of UK Sport, British Olympic Association (BOA), Team GB Ltd, World Snowboard Federation (WSF), The home nations (Snowsport England, Scotland and Wales), British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI), Snow Industries of GB (SIGB), Snowboard Club UK (SCUK), The Snowboard Asylum (TSA) and current Olympic riders Lesley McKenna, Ben Kilner and many more.

British Snowboard Association – Responsibility
We are absolutely committed to learning from the past. We move forward with open minds; our intention - to develop snowboarding in the UK. Our initial remit will include the following:- 


·          Manage the delivery of the World Cup, Development and Junior Programmes

·          Sanction and manage local, regional and national competitions

·          Host the annual FIS world cup big air in London

·          Provide a performance pathway for British snowboarders

·          Partner with the other snowsport organisations where appropriate, such as

o         Coach / Instructor development

o         Judge / TD development

o         School / college / university initiatives

·          Communicate all BSA activity through the Snowboard Club UK membership


In the coming months, the BSA will be representing snowboarding in the consultation process with Team GB Ltd and the other established snow sport organisations and will ensure that snowboarding is represented at the highest possible level.


British Snowboard Association - Committee

We have been overwhelmed by support from the core of UK snowboarding and are delighted to confirm the following individuals as being part of the new committee, which will be expanded upon in due course: -


President – Ed Leigh
Chairman – John O’Grady
Programme Rep. – Colin Holden
Events & Membership Rep. – Stuart Brass
Rider Rep – Lesley McKenna
Coach Rep – Leo Addington



British Snowboard Association – Brief History

The BSA has over the past 21 years undergone many stages of evolution. The following explains the history of the organisation.

1989 The British Snowboard Association (BSA) was established by Jeremy Sladen, Dave Furnea, Eddie Spearing, John O’Grady and a bunch of enthusiastic snowboarders to provide like minded riders with membership, championship events and a national governing body with representation on a global level.

1992 - The BSA joins the newly formed International Snowboard Federation (ISF) to support the goal of keeping the officiating by riders and for riders. The ISF sought to bring the world's best competitors together to test their skills in an environment which embraced competitiveness, but stressed the idea of having fun.

1989-1996 The BSA annually runs the British Snowboard Championships (The Brits) and the BSA week.

1998 The IOC recognizes the International Ski Federation (FIS) as the sole global governing body for snowboarding at the Olympics. The ISF began to lose power, sponsors and finances to the FIS. The ISF eventually ceased trading in 2002.

1997-2001 The BSA appoints Board X to organise The Brits.

2001 The BSA moves its headquarters to Edinburgh, to share offices with Snowsport GB.

2002 The BSA and Snowsport GB send the first British snowboard athlete, Lesley McKenna, to the Olympic Games in USA.

2002 The BSA appoints Soulsports to organise The Brits (now the British Snow Tour - www.britishsnowtour.com).

2003 The BSA joins the World Snowboard Federation (WSF). The WSF (www.worldsnowboardfederation.org) is the only international non-profit organisation exclusively working to develop and take care of the sport of snowboard at all levels including, competitions and education, disabled and adaptive snowboarding, covering snowboarding activities for riders of any age. The WSF was formed on August 10th 2002 in Munich, by delegates from 14 nations - in order to fill the void after the collapse of ISF (International Snowboard Federation).

2004 The BSA joins the Ticket to Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour (www.ttrworldtour.com) with 1, 2 and 3 star events. The World Snowboard Tour is a non-profit organisation aimed at establishing snowboarding as a major global sport while providing quality competitive experiences for snowboarders. Formed in 2002 primarily for elite snowboard competitors, it opened the doors to ‘open’ qualification events in 2005.

2004 The BSA recognises Snowboard Club UK (SCUK - www.snowboardclub.co.uk) as the membership community dedicated to supporting the British snowboarding. SCUK was established with the aim of bringing together UK snowboarders and to provide partners offering discounts, enabling people to ride more often. It currently boasts over 75,000 registered users.

2005 The BSA agrees to support UK Sports’ modernisation program and transfer its core committee members - John O’Grady, Colin Holden and Stuart Brass to form the “British Snowboard Executive” to manage the development of competitive snowboarding within Snowsport GB.

2005-present day the Snowboard Executive has run, to budget, five very effective programmes (Junior, Development, Freestyle, Snowboardcross and Halfpipe) which include 36 athletes. Highlight results include 12 World Cup podiums (Lesley McKenna, Zoe Gillings, and Ben Kilner) including three World Cup Gold medals and two Gold medals at the Winter X Games (Jenny Jones). Four British snowboarders will also compete at the Winter Olympics 2010 (four in 2006, one in 2002).

2008-2009 The Snowboard executive appoints Sportsvision as organisers of the London FIS World Cup.

2009 The Snowboard Executive is made aware of financial difficulties caused by ineffective management of ski activities. The Snowboard Executive make plans to re-establish the BSA following the 09/10 winter season due to a lack of confidence in the board of Snowsport GB.

NOW The BSA re-launches to once again take the development of British snowboarding forward, under safe stewardship.

For more information please visit: www.snowboardclub.co.uk/bsa

For any contact with the committee please email: bsa@snowboardclub.co.uk

Lesley Mckenna, Snozone British Halfpipe Championships
Zoe Gillings, Trespass British Snowboardcross Championships

British Snowboard Association – Support Quotes


“British snowboarding has long been the envy of snowboarders around the World. The standard of riders we produce on plastic slopes or in domes amazes other nations, the strength and depth of the UK Snowboard industry is phenomenal for the same reason, where are our mountains? But these factors combined with our unique approach, have created a true original in the form of British snowboard culture.

The BSA has been at the heart of British snowboarding since day one and has been instrumental in supporting every aspect of the sport. With such strong roots we will continue to nurture British snowboarding for generations to come.”

Ed Leigh, BSA President


“Snowsport Wales are delighted to hear of the resurgence of the BSA and will work actively with this body to develop snowboarding in Wales and throughout GB.”
Robin Kellen, CEO, Snowsport Wales


“Snowsport England fully supports BSA in taking the lead on snowboarding and we look forward to working with them in the future to help grow, sustain and develop excellence in snowboarding within England”
Tim Fawke, Chief Executive, Snowsport England


“Snowsport Scotland is pleased to support BSA and looks forward to working with all those involved with the new Federation in the future”
Snowsport Scotland



"BASI is proud to be associated with the BSA and snowboarding as a whole. We wish support snowboarding and push for the sport to continue to develop within the UK and Internationally. Good luck to all at the BSA and remember we will always be here to help, just ask!"

Andrew Lockerbie, Chairman, British Association Snowsports Instructors (BASI)


I have been involved in elite level snowports all my adult life and have seen snowboarding change from a sport more akin to a lifestyle, loosely organised by random rabble of like minded enthusiasts, to a cutting edge sport pushing the boundaries of progression not only in the physical and mental areas of the performance arena, but also in the creative sphere by way of films, design and internet web casting to name a few, and in the event side of things where snowboarding is host to some of the best rated public participation and entertainment events out there. Snowboarding needs a governing body that not only understands the sport but is able to match the progression and creativity of the sport in all areas. The time is perfect for the BSA to step forward as the governing body for snowboarding in the UK. With a forward thinking, progressive, positive and creative outlook I believe the BSA will work well with existing snowsport bodies in the UK to further the potential of both snowboard athletes and the sport in general.”

Lesley Mckenna, 3 x Winter Olympian, World Cup Winner and BSA Rider Rep


I will be stoked to be part of an organisation whose focus and purpose is to support and develop British Snowboarding and British Snowboard athletes like the BSA.”

Ben Kilner, 2010 Olympic Team


 “The BSA were instrumental in the co-creation of a new look National Championships back in 2002, which developed a grass roots schools program and fused with an integrated Artificial, Indoor and National Championship circuit. The events have grown year on year and provide a very important event platform for amateur and elite riders to climb the ranks of the WSF & TTR World Rankings. It has been responsible for identifying and nurturing many of the promising young professionals on the circuit today and so we whole heartedly support the reformed BSA in achieving its goals.”

Spencer Claridge, Soulsports


“SCUK has always been about supporting each and every UK snowboarder. With support from before they first strap on a rental board, through advice and discounts for recreational riders, to coverage and promotion of amateurs and the British Team competing in the UK and abroad. We are stoked to be operating with the BSA in an official capacity as its membership partner and have the utmost confidence in the BSA to guide British snowboarding to bigger and better achievements; they’ve always delivered in the past. Who knows; somebody who once asked “which snowboard?” on the SCUK forum, might one day be Britain’s first Olympic snowboard gold medallist.”

Duncan Worrell, Snowboard Club UK (SCUK)


The reformation of the BSA is great news for British snowboarding. The BSA’s historic role in the development of snowboarding as a sport in the UK is significant and I look forward to signing up as a member. The BSA’s support for snowboarding’s Olympic and World Cup riders will be just one focus of its programme. Having ambassadors for snowboarding leading the snowboard community will be hugely motivational for the rest of the members. The structure of the BSA’s British Championship and National competition circuit always brought the best talent to the forefront and many of those people are still driving the industry and community now. I support the reformation not only for the structure it will bring but also for the potential it will secure.”

Damon Street, President, Snowsport Industries of GB (SIGB) & Sales and Marketing Director K2 UK


For us, our support of the British team is vital to everything we believe in, our goal as a specialist snowboard retailer is to guide people from the very start of their journey as a snowboarder and help them make the right decisions as they progress their skills. For some this progress culminates in selection for the British team. By offering our support to the team both financially and through other programmes helps Britain’s top riders to develop beyond the borders of our island nation and work to become a real force in the global snowboarding family. Supporting the BSA is a commitment that we are more than happy to make; a governing body for snowboarding run by snowboarders can only help develop this great sport of ours.

Jeremy Sladen, The Snowboard Asylum (TSA) and Co-founder of the British
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