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- 13. July 2007.

The Archery World Championships in Leipzig

1. How did you prepare for the World Championships?
2. What is your main goal?
3. How was your match today?

All the up to date results from the Championships live with FITA.

Compound Women
Jamie van Natta (USA)
1. I was training more intensively before I came here.
2. You can be happy when you make it to a World Championships at all and especially to the top 16. So my expectations were more about to reach my personal best than a certain place.
3. I’m pleased to be here, but also disappointed now that I have just been eliminated. I tried to watch the wind, but I had some troubles during the 3rd and 8th arrow. Anyway, I came close to 1400 during the qualifications. I really made some good shots.
Erika Anschutz (USA)
1. The training got more intense as the World Championships got closer. I put all my concentration on the tournaments.
2. Of course, I hoped for the best possible place for myself. Now I’m hoping for the team gold after all.
3. It could be better and it could be worse. I had one bad shot. There were some highs and lows because of the wind.
Camilla Soemod (DEN)
1. It was my worst preparation ever. I didn’t do anything extra. In contrary, I even trained less than usually.
2. I didn’t have special expectations. I just hoped to win.
3. I’m quite happy after all. I was shooting well. The field is great, but the wind was disturbing me sometimes.
Jung Hee Seo (KOR)
1. My training comprised one and a half year in total. Before I came here, I joined a one-week training camp.
2. I hoped to become the champion, of course!
3. I’m very glad to be in the competition and winning the qualifications just makes me feel really happy. While I was shooting I got more and more confident so that I could improve even more.
Joanna Chesse (FRA)
1. We have already had three competitions in France before coming here to these World Championships. Our training consisted of two hours per day.
2. I wanted to shoot as good as possible. Now I hope to win a medal in the team matches.
3. I’m satisfied as I even got one point above my last record.
Andrea Weihe (GER)
1. We had our training three to four times a week as usually.
2. I hoped to reach the result I expected. In the preliminary round I almost reached my former best performance. This was enough to get further.
3. I’m glad and disappointed at the same time. I came quite far, but after all I was eliminated. The twelve arrows in the final round are really tough.
Melanie Mikala (GER)
1. My training consisted of two to three hours per week only. Before I came to Leipzig I had one week off from training so that I could gain new energy.
2. At the beginning I wanted to reach the finals, but later on I started to focus on getting as far as possible.
3. I’m proud that I’m among the best who have had the chance to come here. Now I’m curious what the team matches will bring.
Magali Weisgerber (LUX)
1. I’ve been training almost every day for about one year.
2. My main goal was to achieve good results. Now I have to see how it’ll go on.
3. I’m extremely happy that I’m among the top 16.
Sakineh Ghasempour (IRI)
1. We have been taking part in a great deal of competitions in the last two years. Thus I was always at training. I joined the training camp one week before I came to Leipzig.
2. Actually, I only wanted to gain experience for other tournaments later on.
3. I’m quite happy, even though I didn’t as good as in Italy.
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