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Windsurfing - 15. May 2008.

The 2008 Ulsan PWA World Cup – Day Two

As the competitors congregated on JinHa beach for day two of the 2008 Ulsan PWA world cup, expectations were high after a windless first day of competition.


The low-lying cloud that shrouded the competition area was burned off as the morning progressed, and a gentle onshore wind started to blow.

Signs of promise emerged in the early afternoon, as the wind swung side shore and began to build.

With the evening approaching, the breeze finally kicked in, and Race director Juan Antonio Aragon wasted no time, scheduling heat 1 to commence at 4.15pm.

Much to the disappointment of the expectant crowd, the heat had to be abandoned shortly after the sailors rounded the second gybe mark and dropped off the plane as a result of a large windless hole over the downwind section of the course.

At 5.00pm, a healthy 10-13 knot breeze tempted race officials to re-run heat 1. In a similar fashion to the previous attempt, moments into the heat the wind backed off. Familiar scenes ensued, as the AP flag was hoisted signifying the postponement of the heat, and placing competition on standby until conditions improved.

With the blue skies turning golden in the evening light, race officials tried one final time to secure a successful heat before the day drew to a close. The sailors of heat 2 were summoned to the water to compete in the fluky conditions, but the patchy wind forced the heat to be abandoned.

After the cancellation of heat 2, the apparently jinxed heat 1 was stared for the third time, and infuriatingly, for the third time conditions failed to allow successful completion of the heat.

With no signs of conditions improving, the race committee decided to call an end to day two of competition at 6.15pm. The frustrated sailors headed back to the beach, and hopes turned to day three to get competition under way.

Tomorrow’s skippers’ meeting is scheduled for 10.00am, with a first possible start to competition at 10.30am. Be sure to follow every stroke of action here, at www.pwaworldtour.com to:

* Use our live ticker service
* Check elimination ladders
* View results
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The event has a dedicated website at www.pwaulsan.com. For more information please contact the PWA office via info@pwaworldtour.com
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