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Tenevis Women's Walking Shoe ( Cardiff)

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Tenevis Cardiff walking shoe. This shoe is the lightest walking shoe I've ever had.


What I love most about it, is the way the cushioned heel, disperses my weight, as I walk. Having Plantar Fascitis makes walking anywhere painful and almost impossible.

This shoe gives me greater comfort in walking and standing for longer periods of time. I wear it when I teach my Martial Arts classes, and my legs are not as tired, as they usually are, afterwards.

I absolutely love them! I only wish the ball of the foot had the same level of cushioning, as that is where the Plantar Fascitis starts.

  Sincerely,  Wanda J. White

They retail at between $110-120 which we think is not too bad for a specialist shoe like this.


- Lightweight and soft Full Grain Leather upper.
- Daewoo Mesh for breathability.

- Lightweight and comfortable removable insert
- Combination lasted footbed for stability in the heel and flexibility in the forefoot

- Dual Density Polyurethane midsole for stability and cushioning
- Grey configuration is softer in the heel to give the customers the feeling of walking on sand

- Carbon rubber outsole for durability and traction
- Zig Zag lines and pebble piece for traction on wet surfaces

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