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Athletics - 04. September 2007.

Team USA quotes - Friday a.m. session

Women's high jump qualifying

Amy Acuff (Isleton, CA): "I felt like a cooked rice noodle today. That's good, because you never have a couple of days in a row where you feel super sharp. I should be good for the final. The runway is real fast. A few times I was not really ready for how fast it was. A couple of times I didn't get my act together for the takeoff."


Erin Aldrich (Dallas, TX): "I'm disappointed, but I can't say I'm too disappointed, because I haven't been able to jump in the last two months leading up to the championships. It hasn't been the ideal circumstances for me. The runway is great out there. Tons of people cleared 1.94. It will be an incredible final. I'm disappointed I'm not going to be there for the final. I hope Amy does real well. I got injured two months ago and haven't been able to plan on the take-off. I pulled the tendon on the inside of my left heel on the take-off foot. That's kind of the important piece."

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