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Cycling - 28. February 2020.

Team sprint for women from 2021 with three instead of two.

Berlin. The German team sprinters Pauline Grabosch, Emma Hinze and Lea Sophie Friedrich are of course still happy about their phenomenal appearance at the World Cup, which was rewarded with gold and the rainbow triko. But there is also good news off-piste: From 2021, the team sprint for women, like men, will be run by three. The UCI decided this on the sidelines of the World Cup.

The team sprint world champions 2020. ©

“We have a strong team and above all a young team. We have all options and can look forward to the new challenge, ”said world champion Pauline Grabosch. U-23 national coach Carsten Bergemann also welcomed the development: "We are fortunate that we already have three strong riders and a fourth driver, Alessa-Catriona Pröpster, who can make the connection," said Bergemann. Pröpster won three titles at the Junior World Championships in Frankfurt (Oder) in 2019.

Due to the UCI calendar reform, the next Elite World Championships will only be held from October 13 to 17 (provisional date). The host is Asgabat in Turkmenistan

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