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Windsurfing - 25. September 2007.

Tatiana Howard, Butterfly Effect in Brazil

Today a bunch of watergirls from around the world met up at Open Winds Store early in the morning to get ready for the day of the Butterfly Effect. Girls from Sweden, Argentina, Hawaii, and of course Brazil joined in. We had many activites planned including a warm up, lunch and snacks, the excursion with the rockin' out Kombi to the beach were we finally started down wind. The start was at Ponta da Caicanga and the ending destination was Ribeirao da Ilha. The wind conditions were light and from the south.


Even with the light winds we had a great time with some windsurfing freestyle tricks and the kiters were flying by. On the way down there was a lot of wind life along the sides of us like flying fish and dolphins. The whole way down the guys were watching after us on the jetski.
Thanks to all the sponsors for helping make this event.


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