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Waterpolo - 12. July 2007.


A British Water Polo initiative is set to give Britain a boost as it prepares for the London 2012 Olympics.

British Water Polo will host a 'profile day' on 21st July in Walsall to identify potential future Olympians. Experience playing water polo is not necessary, but good co-ordination is vital for the team sport.

National Performance Director Nick Hume is keen to attract more women into the pool.

"We want to cast the net wider and see how many people we can attract," he said. "On 21st July, we will profile the athletes and see how their swimming is, run through a number of basic water polo drills and rate them."

"If we think they have some talent, we will invite them back. We are quite good at profiling players and identifying who has some potential."

The sport has already shown signs of improvement with the women's silver medal winning performance in the LEN European B Water Polo Championships in June. With the introduction of more players they will be looking to further develop their competitive team.

The British team has been working under a new training regime with Hungarian Szilveszter Fekete. The new women's Head Coach has been working with the squad to help the sport move forward ahead of the London 2012 Olympics, and a steady flow of female players into the sport will provide healthy competition throughout all levels of performance.

The eight-day event, featuring Britain's men, gets underway on 8th July and is the latest major aquatic event to be staged at the Oxford Road aquatics centre. For details visit www.manchester2007.com <http://www.manchester2007.com/>
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