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Swimming - 18. July 2007.

Synchro Canada’s National Junior Team says “Aloha!”


While the Swiss Open doesn’t start until Thursday, the Junior Team has been competing in sunny Waipahu, Hawaii since Sunday: and have been doing quite well!
“We have just finished day 2 of competition here in Hawaii at the US Open,” writes Assistant Coach Jenn Tregale, “and so far, we have had a great time. We arrived on Friday night and immediately went down to the beach to dip our feet in the ocean and see the beautiful view—a dream come true for [Head Coach] Nathalie Lagrange!”


But it’s not all fun-in-the-sun, as she continues “day one was the figures competition which lasted just under 7 hours! But all in all was an excellent event for us Canadians.”
Both coaches, Nathalie and Jenn, are very satisfied with the figure performances of each of the 10 girls as they all finished in the top 27 of 232 swimmers; 3 of whom placed in the top 5. Chloe Isaac finished in first place, with Jenn Knobbs in 4th, and Jo-Annie Fortin right behind in 5th.

Monday was the duet prelim event. Camille Bowness and Marie-Lou Morin had to be patient as they swam near the end (54th out of 57 duets!), but they proved the old adage that patience is a virtue as they had a very good swim and are currently sitting in first place!
Canada’s other pair of Laurie-Anne Bédard and Audrey Houle were very well received by both the audience and the judges, but due to a technical music-glitch, the duet was given the option to swim again. They made no mistake in taking the opportunity and swam even better than the first time! They are currently sitting in 3rd place. China is in second.

“The duets swam very well,” says Head Coach Nathalie Lagrange. “We are very pleased with their performances and are looking forward to the final event.”

Today the team is back in the pool for both Solo and Team prelims. Assistant Coach Jenn Tregale says that “there is a lot of talk going around about the Canadian team and we are looking forward to putting on a great performance.”

For more detailed results, please visit www.usasynchro.org.
For more information please contact:

Matt Morrow, Communications, Synchro Canada
613-748-5674 ext. 224
For more information on Synchro Canada please visit www.synchro.ca
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