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Surfing - 15. March 2013.

Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro

Pipeline today was in the 4-6 foot range all day with a few tubes for the Junior surfers. The light variable winds played a critical role in today's event keeping conditions near flawless for the full day of competition.

Kauai's Tatiana Weston - Webb scored an almost  perfect wave with a deep left and a 9.7 average from the panel of judges.

Weston-Webb was also awarded the "Wave Ring", a gold ring with a diamond from Windward Jewelers for being the best woman athlete at the event.

The event made history in that the Jr. surfers surfed live on the internet at Pipeline for the first time. The community of surfers,  organizers and media and of course many great sponsors, all put their hearts into providing this opportunity to the young surfers of Hawaii. The event will air again in full next month on Time Warner Cable's channel 250.

The Final Results are as follows:

Jr. Women  
BRIANNA COPE                             KAUAI       2ND
DAX MC GILL                                 OAHU        3RD
BAILEY NAGY                                 OAHU       4TH
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