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Super Food part II - What can a piece of parmesan a day do for you?

Parmesan - Super Food Part II:

This classical Italian cheese is often used to season pasta dishes, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, all of our favourite fatty, but delicious Italian meals. Some people might actually even leave out the cheese because of the fear, that this will just ad extra calories. But did you know the following?

Parmesan isn't low on fat (you were right there), but it is very rich in calcium as well as protein in highly concentrated form. One piece a day (best to use Parmeggiano Reggiano Vecchio) just before jumping into bed will help your bones to stay strong and healthy. Why at night? Night time is rest time, your bones are able to really soak up that important calcium to prevent diseases such as ostheoperosis etc. 

How about the weight loss effect, since this series of super foods is also about maintaining a healthy weight or even loosing weight? Lactobacilli are fantastic for your intestines (think of why Actimel is doing so well for example) and therefore speed up the digestion process....hence the weightloss even with a food that isn't low in fat!

So if you are thinking weight loss while eating pasta...dump the pasta and sauces and stick with the cheese!


Try it - it works!

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