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Other Sports - 17. November 2011.

Spectacular Opening Ceremony Opens the Junior WCH

Report and photo penthathon.org

On a sunny Argentinan afternoon the opening ceremony of the 43rd Junior World Championships took place. The Collegio Militar de la Nacion was hosted the pictoresque ceremony which entertained the consistent audience present on the stands togethjer with the Military Authorities and above all the athletes who gathered here in Beunos Aires from 30 different countries.

The junior best pentathletes of the world lined up behind their respective country's flag and stood within the stadium in front of the stands while the local Banda Militar started playing the Argentinan national anthem together with the local singer Livia Comerci.

After the solemn start, President of Argentina Modern Pentathlon Federation and Chairman of Local Organising Committee Jorge Salas, made his speech underlining, despite the tremendous efforts made, how proud the Argentinan Pentathlon people are to host such an important world class event.

After him, Doctor Klaus Schormann, President of UIPM came to the podum for his official speech that declared the 43rd edotion of Junior World Championships opened.  Doctor Schormann wanted to express his full recognition and deep gratification to all the people, sponsors and local institutions involved in the organization of this event which for the first time in the history of modern pentathlon took place in South America.

Following the speeches, the Army Band of the Military Cadet School, founded in 1937,  presented the traditional Carosel, a music performance which shows characteristic military formations set upon military orders.

The band went on with the traditional Comparcita and the show came to the presentation of Malambo, a tradiotional Argentinan dance performed by a professional dancer.

Here it came the nicest part of the ceremony when the students of the local Escuela de Danza came on the stage in five different representations which wanted to show every single discipline of modern pentathlon: fencing, swimming, running, shooting and riding. The spectators and the athletes got very amused by the origianal performances presented and pleased the artists with a warm applause each time the left the stage.

The end of the ceremony showed one of the most characteristic symbols of Argentinan culture, the spectacular tango which with the stunniing performance of two professional dancers delighted the crowd on the tribune. With this suggestive show, the ceremony ended and the athletes left the field to go back to their hotels and prepare for the tomorrow first day of competition.


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