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Speed/Short Track Skating - 10. February 2014.

Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games - Short Track

HEATS Ladies’ 500m
The first heat of the ladies’ 500m started with two false starts from Tatjana Borodulina (RUS) which resulted in a penalty and disqualification. In a later heat Jessica Smith (USA) fell and is out while her teammate Alyson Dudek got a penalty, only Emily Scott made it to the next round for the US team. Martina Valcepina (ITA) also misses the next round, she was overtaken by Charlotte Gilmartin (GBR), giving the British team two skaters in the next round. The fastest time in the heats was set by Kexin Fan (CHN), one of the main candidates to win this race: 43.356.

Semifinal Ladies’ 3000 Relay

The ladies’ Relay semifinal had two heats. In the first Korea and Canada qualified easily for the finals and left Russia in third and Hungary in fourth. In the other heat, China was clearly the fastest. Behind them, the Italian and Dutch team were battling for the second place, with Japan on their tails. With ten laps to go, the Dutch managed to take the lead over Italy. However at the next relay when the Italians managed to push their skater ahead and next to them the Dutch lost balance. The referee issued a penalty to the Netherlands, who are out of the ladies’ relay team. The final will be between KOR-CHN-CAN-ITA.
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