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Paralympic sports - 08. April 2010.

Sochi (Russia) Mayor wants officials to take tour round city in wheelchairs

April 6 - Officials working in Sochi should be forced to take a tour around the city in wheelchairs to get some idea of how much work still needs to be done before it hosts the Winter Paralympics in 2014, Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov (pictured) said.

He made the suggestion at a meeting of the city's ruling Council claiming that it was part of his masterplan to use the Olympics and Paralympics to help turn Sochi into the best city in Russia to live.  

Pakhomov believes that the idea of key officials responsible for helping deliver the Paralympics will make sure they are aware of the challenges that the disabled currently face in the city. 

He said: ”And then you will realise where we need to install a wheelchair ramp, to paint flagging, to settle an audio signal."

Busy with preparing Sochi for 2014, Pakhomov has pledged many times to change the city’s look, and develop infrastructure and transport in order to make it habitable for all, including the disabled.
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