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Handball - 16. March 2008.

So close but at the same time so far

March 16, 2008-

This had been a tough end of a championship for the junior team. They finished the competition against Mexico, and again they had a hard time to contain Yessenia Salina,, who scored 8 goals, to finish the top scorer of the tournament.

The Mexicans run with a victory of 23-21 and with the 7th place. During the entire championship, Canada was very competitive. They only lost once by more than 2 goals against Argentina, which was honorable because they actually won the Championship by beating Brazil in Final 24-17.

Despite that, we can also see that all the other countries are now very competitive and that we are further away in the standing. All the players, coaches and all the provincial and national managers will have to work twice as hard to bring back the Canadian Handball on track, we have to react before it is too late.
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