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Handball - 12. December 2008.

Smiling Croatians

Croatia had great expectations before the EURO. Coach Zdravko Zovko has many talented players who have already shown their qualities at an international level. However, the Croats did not start the EURO well and took no points to the Main Round.

The miraculous victory over Sweden with a superb second half gave Croatia the possibility to play for the fifth place on Saturday.

Coach Zovko was in a very good mood after the victory. He tells us why.

Zdravko Zovko: I don’t understand this at all; this is women’s handball… The first half against Sweden was a catastrophe, but the second was very good.

We always have these ups and downs during the games, but if you want to win against a top team, you must play well for 60 minutes.

ehf-euro.com: Is it because of the young age of the team?

Zdravko Zovko: I believe we need time; we need to wait and we must work a lot with this team.

Next year, this squad will have played together for three years and we will have a chance to do something really good – with maybe two or three more players from the Croatian league.

ehf-euro.com: Playing for the fifth place is a success, I believe…

Zdravko Zovko: This is a big achievement. On the way here we said that 5/6 places would be a very good result for us. Croatia didn’t have such a good ranking for a long time now.

ehf-euro.com: It means that the game on Saturday will be very important once again…

Zdravko Zovko: Well, important is that we will still play a game. Believe me: I don’t care so much about our final ranking, fifth or sixth place. I’m just happy that the EURO did not end for us in the main round and we will have one more game to play.

This will be very good for the soul of the whole team.

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