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Other Water Sports - 02. June 2011.

Sleeping Giant is Waking Up Again, Karla Costa Taylor to defend her United States Open Title.....

Reining United States Champion, Karla Costa Taylor,  is the one to beat. After returning to competition last season Karla has had the cross hair aimed at her. It is  hard for other competitors to get into the game with her.

Taylor is soft spoken, almost shy and the nicest girl to hang around.  Snap..... Once she hits the water things change. Like bubbles in boiling water she rises , charging.   " The US Open is one of the biggest events on the USBA tour", said Taylor.

" I am excited to be a part of it and to defend my title.  It is always good times seeing my friends from California,  we should have fun waves for this event." Taylor's plan... "Fly over  (from Hawaii) a day before, compete, win and fly back on Monday." Simple.  For her yes. Right on her heals though is fellow Hawaiian Claudia Ferrari who took 2nd  the year before.  "The event is good, very big. I have a California sponsor,  Sik Chix, so I am excited", said Ferrari.

" I pulled the highest score last year. Hopefully it will not be too cold, its a bit hard. You get short of breath when it's too cold.  Karla is good  and I just want to do my best and what ever happens., happens. I would be happy with second. As long as I give her some competition it's ok. I'll give her a run for the money. "  The top bodyboarders from the U.S. mainland will be there to do the same.
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