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Surfing - 15. March 2012.

SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline

Bodyboarding Champ, Best Tube, Longboard Champ
Fun Waves Wrap Up the
SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline

The final day of competition today at Ehukai Beach featured the Pro Women's Bodyboard division and a Longboard Expression session.  Amidst a stormy, windy week, the visions for epic Pipeline for the Women to display their skills were forgotten.  The day started out with 40 knot winds and a blown flattened ocean, small waves hitting the sand bar at Ehukai and a few hitting gums next to the infamous Pipeline. The wind played a major role from heat to heat, blowing in all different directions throughout the day.
      Critical rollo's and 360's gave the crowd something to cheer for as the field of 32 women bodyboarders competed through 5 rounds to end in a four women, multi-national final. Making the grade were Minami Hatakeyama, Japan, Claudia Ferrari, Hawaii, Lilly Pollard, Australia and Karla Costa Taylor Brazil/Hawaii.

"Hata" started the heat with a decent ride on the inside sand bar. "Rari" followed with a two maneuver ride scoring well and was able to get a second good score. Lilly Pollard rode a small wave and found herself waiting at gums for the next wave that did not score well. It was Karla Costa Taylor the shark, who waited patiently for the best wave, scoring a solid deep late take off and bottom turn and two 360 spins.

It was a left though that scored best and Taylor took the title once again. Her fifth at the event in her career. Karla Costa Taylor is a 2 time World Champion and is slated to compete internationally in April.

       The conditions didn't allow for many barrels throughout the event, yet Lilly Pollard, Aust,  was able to find a deep cover on her way to the final, earning her the Best Tube Award.

      The crowd was entertained during the Longboard Expression session, which featured three women of great skill, Leah Dawson who has won at Pipeline before,  Crystal Dzigas, a nose riding expert and Melanie Bartels who has been on the short board ASP World Tour for Hawaii. The waves turned on for the heat,  Melanie Bartels coming out on top.  Bartels found two great cover-ups on takeoff.  Melanie remarked about the winning wave, "I was just telling myself, don't fall, don't fall and somehow I came out standing!"

     The common theme throughout the SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline was optimism.  Though the conditions were challenging, every competitor brought her unique 'love for the ocean' to the beach.  With their eyes set on riding the ultimate Pipeline, the competitors of this years event look forward to refining their skills for next year's opportunity to ride the world's most famous wave in the world.

Leah Dawson
                         Womens Bodyboarding
1. Karla Costa Taylor BRZ/HAW 2. Minami Hatakeyama JAPAN 3. Claudia Ferrari USA,HAW 4. Lilly Pollard AUST.
                    Women's Jr. Shortboard ASP 2 Star
1. Alisha Gonsalves(USA)  2. Kallee Krebs(USA) 3. Tatiana Weston-Webb(HAW)  4. Mahina Maeda(HAW)

           Women's Shortboard Pro/Am One Star ASP
 1. Bianca Valenti(USA)  2. Aleesa Quizon(HAW) 3. Tatiana Weston-Webb(HAW) ; 4. Natalie Anzivino(USA)

Best Tube Award: Lilly Pollard

Aloha Award: Lumar Guittard
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