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Hockey - 20. September 2007.

Scots Face Malaysian Manoeuvres



Scottish Coach, Dave Stott said: “The Asian style of play is aggressive and fast.  They have fast hands; short passing and they’re quick.  In a squad context this is a chance for our GB players to gain exposure to Asian skills while our junior players get the opportunity to interact with our more senior players.”


Thirteen of Scotland’s senior women along with three junior players will test their skills in the friendly match while their opponents prepare for an Olympic qualifier in Vancouver, Canada this April. The Scots will get their fair share of preparation, Scotland’s senior women’s Coach Keith Joss, who will be attending the game, explained: “After a few weeks of rest and recovery after winning the European Trophy, players from the senior squad will use this match to begin their push towards the first GB camp in three weeks time.”


Adding to Scotland’s objectives, Dave Stott continued: “We’ll also get to look at our juniors in different positions alongside our more experienced players. This match gives us more international experience and an early start to preparing for all types of competition, even the next Commonwealth Games.”


Malaysia face a variety of English clubs in four matches over four days before making their way to Edinburgh for the 18:30 start this Wednesday at Peffermill.  The last time Scotland played Malaysia was at the Commonwealth games in Melbourne 2006 with the Scots coming out on top 3-0.


Squad Details:

Cath Rae   GK             Kelburne

Ailsa Robertson          Bonagrass Grove

Cheryl Valentine          Bonagrass Grove

Kareena Marshall        Giffnock

Holly Cram                 Milne Craig Glasgow Western

Laura Bartlett              Milne Craig Glasgow Western

Linda Clement            Bonagrass Grove

Louise Munn              Bonagrass Grove

Julie Mitchell              Giffnock

Katie MacKay             Kelburne

Sam Judge                Milne Craig Glasgow Western

Emily Maguire            Kelburne

Becky Ward               Dundee Wanderers

Susan Hamilton         Sunderland Ladies

Katrina Cameron        Giffnock

Kimi Bright                Giffnock


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