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Other Sports - 17. April 2009.

Sarah prepares for Britcar Production Championship

Silverstone Race Report

Sarah went along to Silverstone on Friday 27th March in preparation for the race weekend ahead in the Britcar Production Championship.

There was plenty still to do before qualifying and the race on Saturday. The car had to be prepared, an oil pressure gauge fitted, Sarah and Gail had to practice their driver change and the five students preparing the car for the weekend, Antony Leach, Marc Buckingham, Nigel English, Shahid Jaffrey and Aqib Hussain had to practice changing the tyres and the re-fueling which none of them had ever done before!

With Marc on re-fuelling duty and Anthony the obligatory fire extinguisher, they soon got into the swing of it - despite the re-fueling churn being about as heavy as Marc himself!
Marc practicing re-fuelling & Eddie timing Sarah giving some feedback after a play!
Sarah then got the opportunity to drive the car around the tarmaced area behind the pits to make sure everything was okay and also, because the car has no speedometer, the team needed to ascertain what the pit lane speed limit (30 mph) was using the rev counter (an excercise requiring use of a sat nav)!

The quick 'test' also gave the Lunar Racing team the opportunity to check that the datalogger fitted to the car was working - and the kind of information it would provide.

The team found out that they had been placed in Class 3 of the Production Championship, along with a Honda Accord, a Honda Civic, a Clio Cup and a Lotus Elise.
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photos Janos Schmidt 

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