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Sarah Donohue - Takes first place at the Womens TRI Fitness in the USA

It was 2 years ago that whilst filming ‘Total Wipeout’ for Endemol productions Sarah suffered a severe injury, tearing her hamstring away from the bone, still to this day it remains unattached 7cm below its place of origin.

The joint decision was made not to surgically repair it by Sarah’s surgeon, physiotherapist and trainer Mark Jarvis after long discussions about the long term effects it could have on her both physically and mentally if the surgery was not successful which was a possibility, and like celebrity Cleo Rocos who also suffered at the hands of the production company on the same show, she was offered no compensation for the suffering and rehabilitation which for Sarah has been unable to compete for the last 2 years.

Al Rosen, Organiser and President of the WTF in America said, ‘it’s great to have Sarah back, she adds colour to the show and is one of our elite athletes, and we know she had many concerns about some of the events going into the competition this weekend, and added pressure was put on her when she didn’t make her weight earlier in the week, so for one of the events, she was going into a heavier division making it much more difficult for her to pull a medal, let alone take a 1st.

Sarah's trainer, ex military PT Mark Jarvis, and trainer to celebrities such as Keira Knightly and Nicolas Cage said of the win, ‘the fact she didn’t make her weight didn’t worry me at all. I had trained her to be able to win at any weight, it’s just that she wanted to be in her comfort zone, but after a long flight, weighing in is always a problem for athletes because of water retention, so it’s my job to make sure she cannot fail. And she didn’t. She has been out of competition and in rehabilitation for 2 years, and to go to America and go up against some of the best athletes in the world and compete with a strength deficit in her hamstring which only has 70% of its original strength is unbelievable. And we were told that aesthetically Sarah’s leg would never look the same. However she took 2nd place for her great physique. I don’t think she could have asked for better. As her trainer, I couldn’t.

It is safe to say that Sarah is still peaking and she says that she feels better than ever and looks better than she did in her 20’s. So what’s next for the fitness champion. ‘I want to promote older women taking more notice of health and fitness, I’ve had many set-backs, and if I can do it, I’m sure there are more women out there that can also do it! Coming back and winning is incredible. I was happy just to be able to compete, I didn’t think I’d get a medal, or 2! I think it has also helped that I have been picked up by Team Reflex, an advanced nutrition company based in the UK. I have been using their products recently and they have allowed me a lot of flexibility in my diet and also the quality content of what is important for me as an athlete. So good supplements by Reflex teamed with a great personal trainer and David Lloyd health clubs have had great results. And of course positive thinking and a lot of hard work. My poor boyfriend has found me hell to live with over the last few months!’

For any questions, comments or photos, Sarah is contactable on her American Cell phone on 001 813 408 1229 or via journalist Sam Parkhouse on 07736 643349 / 0207 585 2345

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