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Billiards - 15. March 2010.

San Leon Tournament Results


Before we get into the details of the 2nd OB Cues Ladies Tour event this past weekend March 6th-7th, we first want to thank Casper’s Billiards.  I think everyone who was there this past weekend would agree that Casper is a Friendly Ghost and without a doubt Casper’s Billiards lives up to its namesake. 


Roy and Kathy Robinson, owners of Casper’s Billiards, had been waiting patiently for their turn to host an OB Cues Ladies Tour stop and after 2 years, they waited no more.  Forty ladies arrived at the two-story poolroom on Saturday morning and were warmly greeted by local San Leon pool spectators, regular OB Cues Ladies Tour fans, smiling and hard-working Casper’s staff and beautiful Texas cool weather.


Casper’s wasn’t like anything anyone had seen before.  The playing area was divided between two floors, and all 14 tables were top-of-the-line 9-foot Brunswick’s.  While some of the players were waiting for their matches to be played, they could be found sitting on the rocks by Galveston Bay watching the ships and birds and deep in thought maybe thinking about how they would play their match.  Others were found sitting out on the balcony, watching the waves and eating some of the best food ever served in any poolroom, ever!   Check out these Texas size onion rings:
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