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Speed/Short Track Skating - 03. December 2007.

Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track

Over two years after the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the world of short track speed skating
came to Torino once again as part of the fourth round of the Samsung ISU World Cup Short
Track. With its sail-like shaped roof, rendered famous in the original “Italian Job” movie, the
Palavela ice rink was home of this weekend’s world cup event.

Another team that performed well this weekend was the team from the United States of
America. The ladies team from the USA took third place in the 3000 meters relay event, and
four individual bronze medals were earned by: Jordan Malone (1000 meters and the second
1500 meters), J.P. Kepka (500 meters), and Katherine Reutter (1000 meters)

Sae-Bom Shin/photo ISU

The schedule of races at this weekend’s Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track had the
athletes compete in the 1500 meters distance twice. The Koreans dominated this distance
taking the wins in all four races. On Saturday, the first of the ladies 1500 meters was won by
Sae-Bom Shin, while her teammate Eun-Ju Jung won the second race.

The ladies and men 1000 meters event were decided in similar fashion, with skaters from
Korea taking first and second places, while skaters from the United States took third. On the
ladies side, the win went to Shing-Young Yan of Korea, followed by teammate Sun-Yu Jin.
Katherine Reutter took third place.

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