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Kiteboarding - 14. October 2013.

Sabrina Lutz (GER) crowned European Freestyle Champion.


The German frontrunner Mario Rodwald (22) and compatriot Sabrina Lutz (24) went into a thrilling competition in Castelldeldefels.

The weather gods gave their support to the 78 riders from ten nations and so the kiteboarders took off to run the single elimination on the stormy mediterranean waters of Castelldefels.


In the athletic freestyle competition the kiteboarders compete aganist each
other in a knock out system. Judges award points for the most complex tricks and jumps. Everything went well for the two german front runners until some upset
was caused in the semi-finals.

In the women's division, Sabrina Lutz faced a similar fate and she too lost and
won at the same time. She lost in the semi finals against her nemesis, the
reigning european champion Annelou Lammerts (20) and she also managed to finish in third position, but despite her loss against Lammerts the woman from Germany won the title. She had simply gathered enough points to secure the 2013 title.

Danish talent Therese Taabbel (17) secured a second place in Castelldefels.

Freestyle - European Champions 2013

Women's divison:
1. Sabrina Lutz (Germany)
2. Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands)
3. Nanette Lammerts (Netherlands)

Women's divison
1. Annelous Lammerts (Netherlands)
2. Therese Taabbel (Denmark)
3. Sabrina Lutz (Germany)
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