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- 02. June 2008.

Russia leave Antalya winning Gold in the Compound Division

Russia leave Atalalya winning Gold in the Compound Division



Great Britain shoots first on target 1. Gales opens with 7, Simpson with 10 and Hunt with 10 (27). Kazantseva starts for Russia and shoots 10. Her teammates Goncharova and Loginova imitate her with two 10s (30). Great Britain go on with 8-8-10 (53). Russia shoots 8-9-9 and takes a 3-point lead (56). Gales and fellow countrywomen put pressure with a perfect 10-10-10 (86)! The Russians maintain a 2-point lead with 10-10-9 (85). At the half-way mark Team Great Britain total up 111 pts (10-9-9). The British still trail by 2 after Russia shoots 9-10-9 (113). They start the second half of the match with a triple 9 (138). Two-time World Cup finalist Kazantseva and fellows increase their lead to 4 pts with 10-9-10 (142). Three other 9s for Great Britain and 9-10-10 for Russia. The East Europeans hold a 6-point advantage now (171-165). Gales continue with a 10, Simpson shoots 9 and Hunt a 9 as well (193). Kazantseva scores 9, Goncharova 9 and Loginova 10 (199). The British finish with a strong end of 10-9-10 (222), but this is not enough to recover against the Russian champions (8-10-8) who take gold with 225 pts.



Venezuela shoots first on target no. 2. They start with 9, then follow with 8 and 9 (26). Turkey shoots 10-9-8 (27) and takes a 1-point lead after three arrows. Venezuela continues on with a 9-8-9 (52). The Turkish girls double their advantage with a triple 9 (54). Venezuela puts pressure with 10-10-9 (81). Their opponent hold the score with 10-9-10 (83). With 9-7-9 (106) Venezuela offers a good chance to Turkey to increase their lead. The latter take advantage of it and doubles the lead with a triple 9 (110). The Venezuelans continue with 10-10-8 (134). The local ladies shoot 8-9-9 and lose 2 pts (136). The South Americans regain their best shooting again and score three very nice arrows (10-9-10/163). Turkey loses all advantage with 10-9-7 and now trail by 1 pt (162). The team of Turkey now shoots first on target then score 9-9-8 (188). Venezuela with three 9s go to 190 pts. Turkey score 10-9-8 (215) while their opponents get 9-8-9 (216). Bronze medal for the Venezuelans!

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