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Surfing - 01. October 2008.

Roxy sponsor three Women’s events on the UK Pro Surf Tour


Roxy sponsor three events on the Women’s UK Pro Surf Tour 2008.


In the past the Women’s tour has only consisted of up to six events now with the support of Roxy it has increased to nine. Two of those events will be the first time women’s pro surf events have taken place in these regions; Scotland and Tynemouth. The third will be a return for the second time to Portrush in Northern Ireland.


The series will start at Longsands Beach, Tynemouth the Roxy Women’s North East Open. This event will run alongside the Quiksilver North East Open and be part of the new Extreme Sports Festival which is set to include Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Live Music plus many other activities.



The second stop, the Roxy Women’s Scottish Open will be held at the legendary Scottish Reef brake Thurso East. This is the first time a professional Women’s event will take place on a Reef break in the UK and provide a massive challenge for the women taking part. This event will also run alongside the Quiksilver Scottish Open, which over the last seven years has provided some of the most spectacular surfing on the UK Pro Surf Tour


The third is a return to Portrush in Ireland, for the Roxy Women’s Irish Open. This event has two possible venues East Strand in the middle of Portrush and White Rocks about half a mile outside the town but open most swell which passes along the North Coast of Ireland. This event also runs in-conjunction with the Quiksilver Irish Open.


UK Pro Surf Tour Director Dave Reed said “Great news for Women’s surfing, this will be the first year we will have managed to hold the same number of event on the Women’s tour as the men” adding “This also shows how strong women’s surfing has become”.


Current tour leader Nicole Morgan said “Fantastic we will have the chance to compete on a Reef break for a change, I can’t wait”.


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