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Netball - 10. December 2008.

Rd 7 match reports for games 1, 2 and 3 for the 08-09 The Co-operative Netball Superleague.

Game 1: Glasgow Wildcats v Mavericks

Saturday 6th December 2008. 2pm

Kelvin Hall, ISA

UMPIRES: Judith Groves / Chris Wilson Smith


Glasgow Wildcats went down 25-58 on home ground against a well drilled Maverick side.

Q1: 6-15

Q2: 12-26

Q3: 18-44

Q4: 25-58


Glasgow Wildcats went down 25-58 on home ground against a well drilled Maverick side.


Mavericks started their first game ever on Scottish soil extremely well, finding themselves ahead on the scoreboard 5-9 within minutes. Mavericks found their ‘flow’ and fluency by the end of the quarter and went into the first break with a 9 goal lead, 6-15.


The great start from Mavericks set the stage for the remainder of the match with Maverick Coach Maggie Jackson choosing to keep her starting seven running into the second quarter so as not to disrupt a flowing combination. Mavericks pushed on in the second quarter and increased their lead to be ahead 26-12 at half time.


Glasgow Wildcats Coach Denise Holland re-shuffled her mid-court at half time in an attempt to rattle a dominant Maverick mid-court and in particular experienced mid-courter and Captain Karen Attkinson who was relentless with poise and precise feeding into shooters Michelle Hall and Louisa Brownfield all match. Chioma Ezeogu entered the game at half time for Mavericks at C.


Mavericks went on to increase their lead in both the 3rd and 4th quarters despite a Glasgow outfit determined to force errors from their opposition. Score at 3-quarter time 18-44, and 25-58 at full-time.


Coach Maggie Jackson was impressed with her squad tonight. She said ‘I was very pleased with the team. We started very well.


‘We found flow and fluency and the end of the first quarter and continued into the second, hence the fact we kept the same team. Karen Attkinson’s work rate with shooters Michelle Hall and Louisa Brownfield opened up the court.’


Denise Holland, Coach of Glasgow Wildcats was pragmatic about her loss. She said ‘Mavericks prevented us from playing a usual fast-release game. It was disappointing but of course we will take much away from the experience.


‘Defensively I was pleased that we forced the powerful England combination of Louisa Brownfield and Karen Attkinson into many errors.’


Starting Line-Ups:

Glasgow Wildcats:

GS: Lesley MacDonald

GA: Nicola Collins

WA: Jenna Storie

C: Fiona Moore

WD: Claire Brownie

GD: Claire Cooper

GK: Hayley Mulheron


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

L.MacDonald: 22/33, 67%

N.Collins: 0/1, 0%

G.Higgins: 2/3, 67%

R.Holmes: 1/3, 33%

Overall Team: 25/40, 63%



GS: Michelle Hall

GA: Louisa Brownfield

WA: Karen Attkinson

C: Chrissy Fitzgerald

WD: Stephania Bello

GD: Hazel Scholfield

GK: Naida Fitzgerald


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

L.Brownfield: 29/35, 83%

M.Hall: 29/38, 76%

Overall Team: 58/73, 79%





Game 2: Team Northumbria v Loughborough Lightning

Saturday 6th December 2008, 2.30pm.

Gateshed Leisure Centre, Newcastle

UMPIRES: Debbie Morgan / Anne Abraitis



Q1: 10-16

Q2: 16-34

Q3: 26-50

Q4: 41-61


Loughborough Lightning defeated Team Northumbria in Newcastle tonight 41-61.


Loughborough Lightning was out in front from the start and left Team Northumbria on the back foot all game. The pace of the game started fast, given the high score at the first quarter break, 10-16.


C Vicky Burgess went down toward the end of the first quarter, forced to leave the game and leaving Coach Denise Eagan to re-shuffle her side to fill the void.


The second quarter was Lightning’s best, clocking up an extra 18 goals to be ahead by 18, 16-34 at half time.


More changes to a disrupted Team Northumbria side at half time was made with Vicky Burgess re-entering the game at C. Although Team Northumbria improved from a hefty defeat in the second quarter, they were still subject to a strong Loughborough outfit continuing on their campaign to win throughout the third. Score at 3-quarter time 26-50.


In the fourth and final quarter Team Northumbria turned up the heat determined to improve on their score. And they did – Team Northumbira winning this final 15 minutes of the game by 4 goals. Despite the late success, Team Northumbria went down by 20 goals, 41-61 the score at full-time.


Loughborough Lightning Coach Rose Port is looking for consistency from her team despite the comfortable win and said after the match: ‘There were some good patches but lacks in consistency throughout. There were times when Loughborough allowed the ball to flow well through the court but Northumbria came back with pressure and tight defense.


‘Jade Clarke made some good turnovers to create options for the attack.’


Coach Denise Eagan added her comments post match also looking ahead to the future for her side and said ‘Loughbrough came out strong at the outset and Team Northumbria struggled to maintain consistency. After half time there were some better performances with some fast release of the ball. We did win the last quarter and so must remain positive and move on to the next challenge.’


Starting Line-Ups:

Team Northumbria:

GS: Emma Lower
GA: Carla Dziwoki
WA: Vicky Burgess
C: Talei Bari
WD: Tessa Burton
GD: Natalie Connor
GK: Abi Ryan


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

Emma Lower: 8/11, 72%

Carla Dziwoki: 28/35, 80%

Vicky Phillips: 5/8, 63%

Overall Team: 41/54, 76%



Loughborough Lightning:

GS: Jo Harten

GA: Alex Kirk

WA: Natasha Hampshire

C: Jade Clarke

WD: Olivia Murphy

GD: Emma Bliss

GK: Hannah Reid


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

J, Harten: 30/34, 88%

A.Kirk: 14/21, 74%

B.James: 17/23, 74%

Overall Team: 61/78, 78%





Game 3: Leeds Carnegie v Celtic Dragons

Saturday 6th December 2008, 3pm.

Leeds Metropolitan University

UMPIRES: Kim Burns / Debbie King

netballLeeds Carnegie come closer to the top four teams on The Co-operative Netball Superleague ladder 08-09 by adding two points to their tally defeating Celtic Dragons 47-27 tonight.


Q1: 15-6

Q2: 24-14

Q3: 36-19

Q4: 47-27


Leeds Carnegie come closer to the top four teams on The Co-operative Netball Superleague ladder 08-09 by adding two points to their tally defeating Celtic Dragons 47-27 tonight.


Celtic Dragons were looking to improve from a last week loss, having identified key areas they wished to work on for this week. Despite their efforts it was a slower start than desired from the first whistle. Leeds was out to snatch the win, and this showed from the outset. Score at the first break 15-6.


The second quarter was looking better for the Welsh side, keeping Leeds within 1 for the quarter. Celtic Dragons behind 24-14 at half-time.


For the third quarter Leeds Carnegie decided to push the down peddle and accelerated forward leaving a hapless Celtic Dragon team a further 7 goals behind and down 36-19 at 3-quarter time.


In the last quarter Leeds continued, Celtic Dragons going down by 3 goals and at full time, and the home side Leeds Carnegie gave their crowd a proud result, final score 47-27.


Coach of the visiting Celtic Dragon team Sue Gaudion wants her team to take responsibility from here on, asking her players to raise their hand. She commented on the performance of her squad after the match ‘Some better passages of play, good options in attack and better movement of our shooters, but it was undone by silly passes and not finishing off (in goals).


‘It was better method in their (Celtic players) madness this week, the intent was better but it is now a matter of building consistency and focusing on process and not result. We tried to play a fast-paced game, but that comes with error. When our game was slowed up by Leeds we made more mistakes. Our goalies need to improve shots and take responsibility. We need to improve in the way of play, skill and decisions, especially when under pressure.’ Said Gaudion.


Sitting on the other side of the fence was a buoyant Leeds camp. Captain Joanne Davies said after the match, ‘It was nice to get a win, we were a lot more consistent today and we’re excited about our next match at Thunder.’


Assistant Coach of Leeds Marion Lofthouse said ‘Leeds showed some excellent passages of play which all goes well for future games.’


Starting Line-Ups:

Leeds Carnegie:

GS: Joanne Walker

GA: Amanda Martin

WA: Rebecca White

C: Danielle Bloomfield

WD: Lisa Ferneyhough

GD: Ama Agbeze

GK: Joanne Davies


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

J.Walker: 7/10, 70%

S.Beattie: 2/4, 50%

A.Martin: 35/48, 73%

L.Badmin: 1/5, 20%

Overall Team: 47/67, 70%


Celtic Dragons:

GS: Claire Ennis

GA: Cara Moseley

WA: Amanda Trounce

C: Suzie Drane

WD: Stephanie Williams

GD: Sara Hale

GK: Lindsay Keable


Shooting Statistics (shots scored / shots taken)

C.Ennis: 13/26, 50%

C.Moseley: 14/22, 64%

Overall Team: 27/48






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