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Athletics - 02. June 2008.

Quotes from The Reebok Grand Prix Press Conference

Lauryn Williams - 2005 World Outdoor 100m champion, 2007 World Outdoor silver medalist

On the 2007 World Championships Final: I didn't know whether I had won or taken 4th, 5th, or 6th. I wasn't thinking I won the race. I didn't know what had happened. I didn't assume anything, I just didn't know.

On her success at "big" races: I think it's because there are rounds. I feel like there's a way for me to work out the kinks.

All season long, I'm an underdog. I haven't won many professional races outside the championships.

Last year was a very trying year for me. To come up there and be second was good. Being second place though, you're the first loser. Going home that night, I had to reflect on how far I'd come. There were times (during the season) I didn't know if I'd make it to the line. It took a lot for me get on the line.

Things are a lot more on the sunny side this year. I'm trying not to bring up the negative things. This year is do or die. Either you pull or drag whatever is ailing you down the track, or you go home.

Veronica Campbell-Brown - 2007 World Outdoor 100m champion

On the 2007 World Championships Final: I thought I won but I wasn't sure. In the middle of the race, I realized I was okay and then I surged at the end. As I finished, I saw Lauryn in my peripheral vision. Those five minutes (waiting for the results) were very nerve-wracking. I was so nervous and I kept my fingers crossed, hoping I had won.

On competition: For me, I just focus on what I have to do to win the race. I focus and sometimes there are things that happen which I don't even know about. There are no friends on the track. We are all competitors. Everyone wants to win. It's business.

On Last year's training vs. this year: Last year was a bit different; it was a bit hard to do workouts without my coach there. It's much better right now with my coach there. My training is going well.

(My success) feels good. It's part of the sport. Whenever you accomplish your goals, it's a good feeling. I have a duty to perform. I'm training very hard and I'm looking forward to Beijing.

I feel like I need to surpass what I accomplished at the last Olympics. I'm working very hard to make sure I'm first in Beijing.

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