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Athletics - 22. August 2009.

Quotes from American Athletes in Berlin

Allyson Felix (Los Angeles), women's 200m gold medalist
I'm just extremely happy. Three times is very special, even more special to take place in this stadium with so much history. I don't think I could have asked for more tonight. Looking at the time, I would have liked to run a little faster. I think the conditions might have played a role in it. We were warming up, had to stop and come inside. But tonight, I really focused on the win. That's really what I went after.
I was hearing it a lot in the media about the battle between us and Jamaica. Tonight I went out there and just focused on myself. I focused on what I needed to do to make my country proud. The rivalry to me is fun and exciting. I am looking forward to the relays. Tonight, I went out, had fun and am happy to bring the gold back to the USA. My start I guess was decent. I felt Veronica. But I was very confident in my strength coming home.

Felix does it again!


A two-time Olympic silver medalist, Felix (Santa Clarita, Calif.) broke well from the start in the 200m final and was in a battle with Jamaican two-time Olympic 200m gold medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown as they both headed for home. However, with about 70 meters to go, Felix began pulling away and she gradually increased her lead the remainder of the race before crossing the line first in 22.02 seconds. Campbell-Brown was the runner-up in 22.35, with 2008 Olympic finalist Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie of the Bahamas third in 22.41.


Felix, who won world titles in 2005 and 2007 and has been ranked #1 in the world four of the last five years, posted the fastest time in the world this year of 21.88 in Stockholm on July 31. Felix entered the evening tied with Jamaican standout Merlene Ottey (1993, 1995), with two world titles. Now she stands alone.

2008 Olympic Games fourth-place finisher Muna Lee (College Station, Tex.) met the same fate again this evening in finishing just shy of a medal in 22.48.

Aretha Thurmond (Opelika, Alabama), 10th in women's discus
Going into the second round, I know that I had a decent throw, but I knew that it wasn't going to hold up. I thought that it would take another meter or two to guarantee a spot in the final.
The power and the velocity of the discus was what I needed, but I just didn't get the height. In a (enclosed) stadium, you have to put up a little more height. On the last throw, I tried to time it but just quite didn't get it.
It's tough to do everything right, but miss on one thing. That's the curse of a technical event like the discus. I wish that it was just aggression, but it's not. I need technique, poise and composure. It's passive-aggressive. The intensity was there, the excitement was there, and the energy was there.
For me (the rain delay) wasn't the preparation I would've liked. I like taking a few warmup throws at the practice track, but instead it was going from one holding tank to another, and then it's like, "BAM! Two practice throws at the stadium, and let's go". If I had three more throws, who knows what the outcome might have been.
Stephanie Brown Trafton (Oceano, California), 12th in women's discus
It's been a rough go these last two days. The ring was fine. If anything, it was warming up, then having to sit there. There's nothing I can really point to. Physically, I'm kind of worn out, but I know I can get some big marks.
At the world championships, it's going to take more than physical preparation. I'm a young athlete, and this is my first world championship, and it's going to be an awesome thing to continue growing in the sport.
Right now, it's not happening physically. I'm physically exhausted, but yet I'm relieved more than anything else.

Brittney Reese (Gulfport, Mississippi), Women's long jump
The plan was to hit the first one, even though the landing wasn't quite what I liked.
To get 6.78 behind the board (she was 14 cm behind the board according to the TV monitor) is remarkable. I didn't get as extended on the landing as I'd like. I've been working on my landing a lot.

Brianna Glenn (Chula Vista, Calif.), women's long jump
I was trying to make it a little easier on myself. The most important thing was to qualify. I wanted to get it done on my first jump and also miss this terrible weather. But it didn't happen that way, and I tried to make the best of it. I got really lucky and blessed that my 53 made it through. Now, I just have to prepare for Sunday. It's a big sigh of relief. I know I gave my friends and coaches a little bit of a heart attack there. But it ended up OK. (On the rain) By the time I took my third jump, it was coming down so hard that standing there, it was hard to see. It was right in your face. But everybody had the same rain. What can you do?
Muna Lee (College Station, Texas), Women's 200
It was pretty tough for what it was. It was good and bad. I should have finished in the top three. But the last 20 meters are something I have to work on for the future.
Shannon Rowbury (San Francisco), Women's 1,500 meters, semifinals
It was fun out there, coming off a fall in the quarterfinal and a thunderstorm before this, I just kind of had to laugh and go and have a good time. It was a great field. I figured it would be kind of slow, tactical and a kick. I just prepared myself for that. (Last lap) I knew it would open up the last 100 meters. It always does. I just tried to stay smooth and relaxed as much as possible. When I found the opening, I went hard for the finish. I was so frustrated with the way that the quarterfinals went because I prepared for the final. I got myself in the best shape I have ever been in for this final race. I knew I had to make my way into the final field. If I wasn't going to be in the semi, I would like it to be because I had a bad day and I was not tripped. I was disappointed with that, but I am thankful for the appeals process and USATF who fought so hard on my behalf. That was one of the reasons I had to go out there and have some fun.
Christin Wurth-Thomas (Springdale, Ark.), Women's 1,500 meters, semifinals
I'm excited. That's what it's all about. It was about me coming in, relaxing and having fun. Now, it's showtime. Let's see what we can do in the final. The goal is to make it to the finals. I didn't want to get into trouble. By sitting on the outside of Lane 2, I don't get in trouble and I put myself into position. It felt easy, it felt comfortable. I know I have more of a kick. But I knew I was safe. I keep saying we had to match the guys. The guys had three in. We can't be done by them. It was about getting three in.

Anna Willard (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.), Women's 1,500 meters, semifinals
It's a great day. It's really exciting. I know all three of us belong in there. It's great for everybody else to see what's happening with the American women's middle distance running. My plan was to stay toward the front and use my tools, and at 300 meters, try to kick it in.
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