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Surfing - 03. August 2013.

Quarter-Finalists Decided on Day 2 of the Gijon Pro Junior !


The ASP 1-Star Gijon Pro Junior resumed this morning in clean 2Ft surf at the secondary location of Salinas with the  opening round of the Women’s in playful surf.

Tessa Thyssen (GLP) 16, drew first blood this afternoon in the opening heat of the Women’s event, finding a couple of fun lefthanders to express her powerful frontside surfing. The young surfer from Guadeloupe advanced ahead of current frontrunner Cannelle Bulard (REU) into the quarter-finals of the event.

“I saw the waves get pretty fat, but there was a little left that worked well aside from the main peak so I decided to stick to the left cause that’s what I’m most comfrotable with,” Thyssen commented. “I was lucky to get those two waves they were great ! I already had a heat with Cannelle in Royan and I was leading for most of it but she beat me so I wanted one back !”

Attaining the semi-finals last year in Lacanau as her career-best result so far, Thyssen is quickly jumping up the rankings and regularly makes a name for herself with this sort of displaying excellent surfing.

“Waves yesterday were so good, watching the boys we’ve been aching to get out there ! This year I’d like to make the semis or final and improve I have plenty of time left surfing the Junior tour.”

Portuguese grom Teresa Bonvalot (PRT) 13, showed seasonned competitors Yolanda Aneiros (ESP) and Lucia Martino (ESP) she meant business in Heat 5 of the Women’s opening round, posting two solid scores to advance ahead of Aneiros and eliminate Martino from her hometown event. Winner of multiple events on the National circuit in Portugal, Bonvalot demonstrated great determination in taking her game to the next level amongst Europe’s best in the future.

“It’s my first year on tour and I’m only here to gain experience so I’m super happy to win this heat !” Bonvalot said. “I didn’t go so well in Sopelana, so it’s cool to get two proper scores here and I can’t wait for the next round !”

Carina Duarte (PRT) 19, netted today’s second highest single wave score, an excellent 8.00 point for a long lefthander she surfed with flow hitting the little shoulder multiple times all the way to the beach. With a fourth place finish under her belt from the opening event in Royan, Duarte is looking to confirm her progression with consistence to claim one of the top spots of the European ladder.

“It was a hard heat but fun !” Duarte commented. “At first I couldn’t catch any decent waves and started to feel a little nervous but in the end I got that long left and I’m happy with the result. I want to make the finals again, I’m feeling quite confident at the moment and I think I can do it !”

Following Bonvalot’s path in the next heat and Keshia Seelow-Eyre a little earlier, Duarte adds her name to the list of up-and-coming Portuguese talents flowing on the women’s draw. Team support and a growing leg of local events have helped develop a pool of extremely talented young surfers that will soon show everything they’re capable of on the European scene.

“At home in Portugal it’s the same, in the national events we see the global level rise and it’s good to see the surfers manage to do well at the European level as well,” Duarte confirmed. “We’re all traveling together and training and pushing each other which helps with confidence and everything.”

Johanne Defay (FRA) 19, rounded up today’s action in the last heat, scoring a 9.00 out of a possible 10 to easily move on to the quarters. The in-form surfer of the season so far didn’t disappoint today finding a longer wave to push her frontside surfing on three turns that the judges clearly appreciated.

Next Call will be at 7:30am tomorrow morning back at the primary venue of Playa de San Lorenzo, Gijon for a possible final day of action.

The 2013 Gijon Pro Junior is scheduled from August 1-4, 2013 at playa de San Lorenzo, Gijon, Asturias-Spain. For all results, photos, video highlights, press releases and LIVE webcast, log on to aspeurope.com/gijon2013.

The ASP 1-Star Women’s Gijon Pro Junior is made possible with the support of the following event partners: El Corte Inglés, Vodafone yu, Liberbank, Gijon Surf Club, Slash Surf School Gijon, Gam Eventos, Ayto Gijon and la Direccion General de Deportes del P.A. amongst others.

Heat 1: Tessa Thyssen (GLP), Erica Franco (ESP), Loiola Canales Bilbao (EUK), Keshia Seelow-Eyre (PRT)
Heat 2: Josephine Costes (FRA), Cannelle Bulard (REU), Leticia Canales Bilbao (EUK), Marion Bouzigues (FRA)
Heat 3: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT), Ariane Ochoa (EUK), Ainara Aymat (EUK), Lucie Milochau (FRA)
Heat 4: Carina Duarte (PRT), Yolanda Aneiros (ESP), Johanne Defay (FRA), Ana Morau (FRA)

Heat 1: Jorgann Couzinet (REU), Nelson Cloarec (FRA), Roberto Letemendia (EUK), Jobe Harriss (GBR)
Heat 2: Gatien Delahaye (GLP), Ian Fontaine (FRA), Arthur Lasse (FRA), Miguel Blanco (PRT)
Heat 3: Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA), Luis Diaz (CNY), Paul Cesar Distinguin (FRA), Diego Mignot (FRA)
Heat 4: Ugo Robin (FRA), Nomme Mignot (FRA), William Aliotti (FRA), Imanol Yeregi (EUK)

Heat 1: Tessa Thyssen (GLP) 14.66, Cannelle Bulard (REU) 8.93, Alice Melissa Limoigne (REU) 5.04, Paula Fraga (ESP) 3.17
Heat 2: Loiola Canales Bilbao (EUK) 10.07, Marion Bouzigues (FRA) 8.66, Camilla Kemp (PRT) 7.04, June Erostarbe (ESP) 5.74
Heat 3: Josephine Costes (FRA) 9.86, Erica Franco (ESP) 7.17, Marina Lopez (FRA) 6.90, Eveline Hooft (NDL) 5.14
Heat 4: Leticia Canales Bilbao (EUK) 12.17, Keshia Seelow-Eyre (PRT) 11.24, Lilia Lissardy (FRA) 4.37, Victoria Capdepont(FRA) 3.76
Heat 5: Teresa Bonvalot (PRT) 12.26, Yolanda Aneiros (ESP) 10.30, Lucia Martino (ESP) 8.33
Heat 6: Ainara Aymat (EUK) 13.00, Ana Morau (FRA) 7.73, Maddi Aizpurua (ESP) 6.90, Rey Maravillas (ESP) 4.87
Heat 7: Carina Duarte (PRT) 12.53, Ariane Ochoa (EUK) 11.83, Lisa Girardet (REU) 8.16, Michelle Beach (USA) 4.77
Heat 8: Johanne Defay (FRA) 14.67, Lucie Milochau (FRA) 10.70, Emily Currie (GBR) 5.80, Noa Iturripea (EUK) 3.87
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