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Surfing - 18. August 2008.

Princess of Kewalos Carissa Moore sweeps Pro Divisions

Hawaii is the place to be! Sponsor Sea Hawaii Apparel Company and Eco tour group has the perfect name. You had to see it to believe it! The girls scored two perfect days of surf at Kewalo Basin. Girls Rule! Surf ranged in the 2-5 foot range all weekend and proved that Hawaii is the place to have contests! Sunny skies, big smiles and big moves from even the amateur divisions were the standard all weekend. Sunday started out with Pro longboarding and the show was on. Radical off the lips and smooth nose riding in combination scored high. Stand outs early were Candice Appleby and Crystal Dzigas both local Queens Beach girls. Dzigas was going for the largest sets and pulling straight up tops turns and long nose rides on her longboard. When Semis rolled around Jr. Women winner Carissa Moore worked through the burn in her legs to score big. Moore entered three divisions in marathon manner after all Kewalos is her home training ground. Carissa Moore after winning the ASP Women's Jr Pro Saturday won all three divisions she entered today, a total sweep of shortboarding, longboarding and the first ever FLHI Girlz Trick competition. Alessa Quizon was not far behind in scoring, just short one turn on the inside.


Kewalos proved to be a great place for a girl gathering with spectacular surfing and awesome vibes! "We had two back to back swells with great conditions. We want to step it up every year. Just to be able to have a contest here is great. We had wonderful volunteers and the park is cleaner than when we came ", said Cherry Fu, Contest Co-Director. " Oh yeah, it's absolutely fly. This contest is just what the girls need to get things going, pro and amateurs combining in state of the art competition", exclaimed Betty Depolito, Co-Director. "FlHI Girlz TV is so proud to be able to show case the coming together of an all girl event. I think it is the best way to display Women's surfing!" FLHI Girlz TV on OC16 sponsored the first ever "trick" competition for Women which Moore won on a tail slide almost 360. Quizon took second with a tube ride scoring big! Again Quizon was just short of winning the heat.

In the first final of the day stand-up surfers took their paddles to some big sets getting the full body work-out stand up is good for. Late take offs put the Women in the pit and wipeouts happened but prevailing was Candice Appleby who scored consistently using her paddle to mark her turns and claiming top honors. Longboarders have come a long way and the four-woman final was super competitive. Waves were still pumping and wave selection a bit more critical as big sets closed out part of the section then reforming the wave. Moore was successful by great wave selection and tight inside turns winning the heat decisively. The Amateur shortboard division was claimed by Big Island surfer Shrutti Greenwood who claimed the final on her last wave ridden an average 8.5. Greenwood took home a surfboard by Jan as a prize. Congrats to her and amateur Longboard winner Ashely Ahina won also scored a surfboard! Bodyboarder Cristina Delima followed suit for the two-day event scoring above an 8.0 average to take that final. Above average scores was the call the entire contest. Judges were kept busy with heats of 9 and 10 waves ridden, what a weekend! Tons of prizes were given out and a special thanks goes out to presenting sponsor.

One Love Surf Shop in Haleiwa who provided custom made Silver Sunrise Shell necklaces to the girls!

Sunday Results: Stand-Up/ Candice Appleby, Jennifer Koki, Kaili Rodman, Kawehi Whitford, Heather Jeppesen

Pro Longboard/ Carissa Moore, Leah Dawson, Crystal Dzigas, Miku Uemura
Amateur Longboard/ Ashely Ahina, Kaili Rodman, Jodi Cole, Izumi Baldwin, Caitlin Owen, Jaclyn Cuben

Shortboard / Carissa Moore, Aleesa Quizon, Hana Harrison, Nage Melamed
Amateur Bodyboard/ Cristina DeLima , Emi Yamanoshita, Jade Robles, Alisa Huber, Sarina Shibata, Leah Huber

Amateur Short Board/ Shrutti Greenwood, Kaili Rodman, Stephanie Lay, Courtney Miller, Rachel Owen, Sarina Shibata
FlHI Girlz Trick/ Carissa Moore, Aleesa Quizon, Hana Harrison, Kaili Rodman, Crystal Dzigas, Angela Huber

Saturday Results:
ASP Jr. Women/ Carissa Moore, Aleesa Quizon, Naje Melamed, Alana Blanchard
Novice/Leinaala Hall, Mah Samantha, Kayla Flores
SeaHawaii, www.seahawaii.com, a local water sports apparel company is the proud sponsor.

"As a company founded in Hawaii, locally owned and operated SeaHawaii is particularly privileged to support our women athletes who have contributed so much to this sport over the years" stated Joe Pickard, owner of SeaHawaii. "The goal of SeaHawaii, a native Hawaiian owned company, is to bring awareness to the drastic ecological changes occurring in our oceans. We are excited to be a part of this year's event. Presenting the contest is One Love Surf Shop located in Haleiwa Hawaii. "I always wanted to have a surf team and sponsor a contest. Now I have this opportunity to support the Women through my shop, I am excited", expressed Gina Wardrop One Love Surf Shop Owner.

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