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Rio Olympics 2016 - 14. August 2016.

Plume wins the 50m Freestyle in Rio

Pernille Blume (DEN) as the winner in Rio, in a time of 24.07. Simone Manuel (USA), already Olympic champion in the 100m earned silver in 24.09, while Aliaksandra Herasimenia (BLR) took bronze in 24.11

Women’s 50m free

Simone Manuel (USA), silver

"The 50 free is a work in progress for me. I mean, all my races are, but just coming off the 100 I was pretty confident that hopefully I could get a medal, and I was super ecstatic that I could get second place and in the best time. I couldn't really ask for better. I didn't really get to relish in the moment because I had to get to the relay, so I still haven't completely thought about the race but I'm happy with getting back on the podium."

"My family keeps me grounded and my coach too. He reminded me to focus on the journey and keeping things in perspective."

"I have always been inspired by Michael Phelps. Just to see that he accomplished the goals he had set is amazing. He told me good job for my medals."

Aliaksandra Herasimenia (BLR), bronze

"This medal was a lot harder to get than the previous one. It is not more valuable because, of course, I wanted the gold. I was so close, so close. It wasn't even about who was faster or stronger, but who had more luck. Of course I wanted gold but bronze is great to. Maybe I am not quite ready for gold but bronze is still an Olympic medal.”

"I don't understand what this means yet. I might fully grasp the significance of this in days, weeks, maybe even a month."

“I dedicate my success to anyone that has been supported me, including people on social media.”

"It was a lot harder than in London, especially given my unsuccessful earlier races here. It was hard to get my strength and thoughts in place, but this was the last distance, the last swim."

"When I swim in the end lane, I don't see anyone, I don't scurry and swim like I should. I don't know if that was an advantage or disadvantage because I can't swim that race again in another lane."

"I was told 'be yourself'."

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