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Surfing - 19. April 2010.

Pipegirls take last day of 14


Pipeline is a fickle wave especially when the wind is swift. The event is on finally on the last day of the waiting period. Monday the 19th. A new NW swell will shift the take off slightly and give the Women a chance of a left breaking wave.

The contest starts at 8am and awards will be around 4:30 at Ehukai Beach Park. This is the first time in the 20 year history that the event went all the way trying to get good waves. The nerves of the competitors kicked in today."I am actually nervous", said defending bodyboarding champ Luz Marie. "I feel my insides churning." The 2009 shortboard champion, Claire Bevelaqua, will not be competing because she qualified for the World Tour.

    Full results later and on www.pipegirls.com.
    The event is a dedication to the memory of Josie Over. See more about Josie on www.pipegirls.com.



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