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Figure Skating - 18. February 2011.

Pairs Free Skate Quotes, 2011 Four Continents Championships, Taipei Arena

Pairs Free Skate Quotes

2011 Four Continents Championships

Feb. 17-20, 2011

Taipei Arena - Taipei City, Chinese Taipei

Amanda Evora (Sugar Land, Texas / Southwest Florida FSC) and Mark Ladwig
(Fargo, N.D./Moorhead, Minn. / Red River Valley FSC) - SP 52.23 (6th
place); FS 105.07 (6th); Total 157.30 (6th)

(on free skate)

AE - "We've had quite a stressful week here. We have been skating great
in our practices and we're disappointed we didn't show it in the
performance. However, with the circumstances, I'm taking the attitude
that it's better to make mistakes here than in a month from now."

(on what they will take from this competition to Worlds)

ML - "We are taking extra screws with us."

AE - "To tell you the truth, a 105 is our second-highest score this year
and it was definitely nowhere near the performance we can do. On the
upside, there are a lot of good things that come out of this
competition. Like you saw yesterday, the fact that we were able to skate
today is fortunate."

ML - "The components were higher than we've ever had. We brought the
fight but it wasn't perfect. I think we were pretty scrappy."'

(on how Ladwig fixed his skate)

ML - "With the help of the local organizing committee, we drilled out
the heel from under the sole all the way through. We bolted it from top
to bottom so it won't come apart. I also added stir-ups basically to the
sides. The layer that separated was smothered in epoxy glue. Those three
fail safes should make it through Worlds. I hope to (keep it through the
season). It's not my ideal to break in boots before Worlds. I jumped
pretty good, and I think, there will always be a slight adjustment when
you take off a blade and put it back on. If anything, because of the
rules, I only had 36.5 minutes to adjust to it under high pressure.
Overall, I'm very happy."

Evora/Ladwig coach Jim Peterson

(on adversity faced this week)

"The heel came completely apart (on Mark's skate). The process that it
took today was hours. It's not an excuse but it's obviously a factor in
the competition. Mark is extremely mentally strong, Amanda as well,
dealing with what they dealt with yesterday and then coming down from
that and dealing with it again all morning and getting back on the ice.
It was draining."

"I'm pleased with their performance, I think it was a strong one. They
had a lot of heart getting through it and we are using it as a building
block for Worlds."

Mary Beth Marley (Downers Grove, Ill. / DuPage FSC) and Rockne Brubaker
(Algonquin, Ill. / All Year FSC) - SP 45.60 (10th place); FS 98.86
(8th); Total 144.46 (8th)

(on free skate)

RB - "It was definitely better (than yesterday). We missed some levels
and had some mistakes here and there but overall, the performance we
were definitely more together, we skated more as a team today. I think
that helped a lot. Our skating skills are over a full point higher than
they were yesterday. It's the biggest difference."

(on what they can take from this competition)

MBM - "How to prepare for an international, how to accept and be in your
surroundings and fully embrace and not let any outside problems come

MBM - "It was amazing. I couldn't believe we were coming. I would not
have believed in August that we would be here. I'm just so excited that
we put out a good performance."

Marley/Brubaker coach John Nicks

(on experience his team takes from this event)

"I think it was a difficult challenge for them, particularly Mary Beth
because she hadn't done anything like it before and it was a last minute
entry so their preparation wasn't as good. The beginning of the week
didn't go well but she redeemed herself and the pair on the performances
that I thought were very good. Very pleased for her."

Caitlin Yankowskas (Pelham, N.H. / Colonial FSC) and John Coughlin
(Kansas City, Mo. / Kansas City FSC) - SP 55.25 (4th place); FS 111.72
international SB (5th); Total 166.97 international SB (4th)

(on the competition)

CY - "Coming off the U.S. Championships where we skated so well, it's a
little disappointing. Considering that it was a quick bounce back, it
wasn't too bad. We've trained a little better than we've competed but I
think we are still getting used to the stress of bigger international
competitions and being national champions. Things will continue to get
better than better."

JC - "The mistakes in this program were silly things, we can go home and
mend those pretty quickly. We talked to a lot of the other teams back
stage and which this competition is very important to us, when you are
on the World Team it's a chance to go out there and make sure you're
ready for that World Championships. We have work to do."
(on second throw jump of free skate)

JC - "Whenever you see singles like that, a lot of times it's missed
timing completely. When we're under stress, we need to always stick to
our rhythm and I think sometimes you can get out of that a bit. Easy
mistake to fix, something we don't do at home often."

(on setting season best in free skate, overall score)

JC - "Our components were better in our long all year than they have
been internationally which is great. We got that level four in our short
program on the footwork. That is completely new from Cup of China, only
the second time out, nationals being the first time. That was exciting.
We got some good levels. The ones that we didn't get we were not
surprised about because we felt them happen in the program. It's stuff
to take home and keep us pushing toward Worlds

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