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Opro mouth guards

Gold OPROshield Mouthguards Review: :


gold_mouth_guard.JPG We had the opportunity to ask our Senior Editor, Gina Dessalines, to test the OPROshield Gold Mouthguards...Please find out what she thinks:



"In my spare time I go to Taek Won Do training regularly to keep fit and to practice for competitions. Since Taek Won Do is a contact sport, it is crucial to protect yourself, especially the head and mouth area, when sparring and fighting.

To improve my punching power and technique I box and again make sure I have the proper protection. After having tried several mouthguards I became really fed up with uncomfortable fits and the guards hurting the inside of my mouths etc, that I sometimes even risked fighting without them....Realizing this wasn't necessarily going to do anything for my smile, if I'd loose a tooth or broke my jaw, we decided to try the OPRO Mouthshields, after OPRO got in touch with us.

"The mouthguards come in a small recycleable package, and contain a plastic holder to keep the mouthguard clean (Check this clear plastic sheet)and a CD with easy to follow instructions...as a matter of fact anyone can really fit them after watching the film on the CD, it is very easy to understand even for youngsters. So once fitted, it's just a matter of trying them out...they fit smoothly, don't have any jagged edges and look really scary to your opponent (which I think is a good one) - I tried the black coloured one (the Gold level mouthguard) and when I opened my mouth and smiled at my opponent, the look in his eyes changed (seriously!)

So my verdict is: From all of the mouthguards I've tried I would give the OPROshield Mouthguard the thumbs up and 5 out of 5 stars...I couldn't find anything I wasn't satisfied with....The price is right and the nice thing is...it'll protect teeth all around the world! So it's a Yes from me!"

To buy OPRO Mouthguards, you can either contact us through womensportreport.com, or go directly to the Opro website - and order online. Please find the link and more information below!

- Revolutionary Design for Mouthguards

Designed by Dr Anthony Lovat BDS the founder of OPRO, the worlds largest supplier of custom mouthguards, all OPROshield models introduce the patented OPROfin retention system which gives the OPROshield the best retention (fit) performance of any self-fit mouthguard in the world.


Bronze: High Protection entry-level design

Silver: Improved protection and retention in your mouth

Gold: The best protection, comfort and retention available in a self-fit mouthguard.


This is a picture from the new film "St Trinians", which features Oproshield mouthguards. It's a story about a school for young ladies with its anarchic doctrine of free expression, brings together a motley crew of ungovernable girls who, using their witt and ingenuity, save the school from bankrupcy.


St TRinians1.JPG





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