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Online Betting & Women's Football


Is Online Betting Truly So Popular?

As you are all aware, the rise of Internet constantly brings new features which make our lives much easier. One of the segments which has increasingly risen over the last couple of years in particular is online betting. Online bookmakers have literally replaced the old-fashioned betting in shops because of so many advantages it offers.

We primarily mean on super interesting bonuses and promotions (especially for the first-time users) which are hardy to be found in your local bet-shops. Additionally, the odds variations and huge market spreads cause the constant growth of the industry.

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Women & Betting

One of additional features we must connect to the rise of the online betting industry is a much greater number of women who place their bets. The reasoning behind is logical since women can hardly be seen alongside the male population in bet-shops.

Betting on the Internet made it possible for women who love to watch & bet on different sports (particularly football and tennis) to do it without prejudice.

The Rise in Popularity of Women Football

We could have witnessed this notion at the recently finished Women European Championship in The Netherlands. The host nation took their first ever EC title led by a huge support by the local fans on stadiums across the country. We also have reports of the significant growth in the number of bets placed during the tournament (in comparison to the previous editions of Women European Championships) which just confirms everything written above.

Where Can You Find Betting Previews for Women Football?

The place you are looking for is biggestfreebets.com who covered the Championship from the day one to the great final. They had a phenomenal hit rate which is why they announced more women football action in the upcoming period. It will be very interesting to follow their predictions for the final stages of Women’s UEFA Champions League where Olympique Lyon defends the title.

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