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NSpine 2015 Programme Announced-

NSpine 2015 Programme Announced:

Craniocervical to Cervicothoracic Spine

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The United Kingdom's most comprehensive course in Spinal Surgery and associated Specialities, has announced its 2015 programme.

After the resounding success of the inaugural 2013 conference, demand has dictated an even more extensive programme and the City of Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, looks forward to welcoming over 700 delegates to NSpine 2015.

Held at the Nottingham Conference Centre from 22 to 28 June 2015, NSpine is the UK's most inclusive spine review course; a unique learning environment which seeks to amalgamate the latest research and surgical practice in the treatment of the spine.

Catering to all manner of professionals across the globe's healthcare industry, from doctors and nurses through to anaesthetists and vets, the leading lights in spinal disciplines will provide fascinating content and experiences to advance knowledge of best practice procedures.

NSpine takes place every two years to provide the latest knowledge for spine healthcare professionals. Growing from strength to strength at each meeting, NSpine provides ascendant medical professionals with the supplementary material they need to forge best practice in their careers.

All areas are covered comprehensively with parallel sessions being held to allow delegates to tailor their learning experience to their specific needs.

Sherief Elsayed, co-founder of the NSpine Programme said "Boasting cadaver workshops, seminars, lunch symposiums and an exhaustive list of lectures and exhibitions by leading practitioners, NSpine endeavours to cater to each delegates' academic pursuit."

Details of NSpine 2015 are now available via http://www.nspine.co.uk/ and all delegates registering before the end of the 2014 are eligible for the early bird discount.

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