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Surfing - 07. May 2010.

North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Womens Pro

Karla Costa Taylor thought about it for about a day after winning the
North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women's Pro.  Taylor who is a former World Champion has had two kids and is making a comeback to be the best Woman bodyboarder in the world. "Winning the Pipeline event was the turning point in my head, it was an inspiration, I feel like I am ready now. I was thinking about it for so long. My family has been very supportive so it makes it easier for me", said Taylor. "I am going to Brazil but I have to find sponsors to support me to continue on, my plan is to do the three grand slam events."

Taylor is representing Brazil on the World Tour because it is where she grew up. " I am thankful though to based in Hawaii", said Karla." I live for Pipeline and want to help the Hawaiian girls to get more backing. There is so much talent in Hawaii", she said with bright eyes. " I though about winning the event for four years while I was in Africa. Pipeline is so very special to me."

Karla Costa Taylor has been a professional bodyboarder for all her life. Her Mom is an avid bodyboarder at the younge age of somewhere over 65. She takes after her Mom. Karla is known for her big rolls off giant waves and loves the rights at Backdoor Pipeline. This former Brazilian Champion and World Champion is truly a professional and works hard at it. She believes it to be possible and works hard at  helping the sport grow. She won at Pipeline in 2000 in big surf and this year in small stuff at the North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Womens' Pro so she can do it all. She was ISA World Champ in 2000 and three time runner up on the tour. Now she leads the USBA tour and is back on track and training when she can, Moms know best.

Right now Taylor, with he help of her sponsor/husband Al Taylor and Science Bodyboards, is in Brazil competing in the first World Tour event. Let's hope she is the magnet she was at Pipeline. It is magic when it happens, when you just have the timing for the waves, your in sync. Karla is practiced and powerful and being in sync is just what Mother's do. Happy Mom's Day Karla and to all the Mom's out there!

http://ibabuzios.com/ao-vivo-resultados live internet coverage Brazil
Karla's Sposnors:
www.agencianucleo.com, www.sciencecustoms.com, www.pipegirls.com
For more information and sponsorship in US 808-781-2535
Video on http://www.youtube.com/user/banzaibetty
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