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Cycling - 19. January 2012.

News up date from GB Cyclist Gabby Day

What can I say…I was really looking forward to the British Champs. My form was good, my confidence was high and I had stayed healthy for the whole season. Things were looking good. As good as they had ever been leading up to Nationals and worlds. I had a good feeling that I had a great chance to challenge for the win at nationals. But this did not go to plan at all.

I spent the week at home with my family which was really nice and relaxing. Unfortunately mid way through the week I started to get body aches and a slight unwell feeling, but I stayed on top of it by taking my vitamins and putting it to the back of my mind. I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of my race. I guess my body had other ideas, as I had a terrible race…a complete suffer fest of pain. Not the usual race pain. I had to dig so deep just to get through the race. I suffered terribly with my breathing, my lungs were on fire and it took everything just to get oxygen into my body. Sounds dramatic but not having full functioning lungs really hurts. I got a reasonable start but half way around the course I knew it was going to be hard to maintain staying in the front. Helen attacked and all I could do was watch her ride away…Nikki attacked and I could not respond and then Annie caught me. Riding on a wheel was not an option for me. I could give nothing but to just ride at my own slow level in a whole world of pain. I finished a very disappointed 4th. If it had not of been for the fact that I had my family out cheering for me and Gregg and Holly from Belgium helping me I would have stopped the race. But I never like to be a quitter.

I travelled back to Belgium a couple of hours after my race feeling unwell. I was definitely coming down with something. I had a very sore chest and a blocked nose. The next morning I felt like I had been beat up my whole body ached. My core was so sore from having to breathe so deep. So I rested up for the day and started to feel loads better.

After a few easy days of riding the turbo it was time to get ready for Lievin world cup. I was looking forward to the race and hoping that I would be good to race hard and get myself a good result. Unfortunately I could only manage 1 ½ laps. My breathing was a disaster. I had so much pain in my chest and just had to stop. I did myself no favours starting the race really but I thought I would be ok. I visited the sports doctor on Monday and have since found out that I have a lung infection, so I am on a course of antibiotics. I have been feeling pretty rough over the last few days and have spent most of my days just resting up and drinking teas. Holly has been giving me some hydro-therapy treatment to try and help me feel better and to help get rid of this infection asap.

This is bad timing to get sick but I will try and stay positive and focus on worlds I have just under 2 weeks to get sorted. Koksijde is a good course for me and I have always had good results there so I really want to be on my game come the 29th.

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