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New Year weight loss research

Petal Power

Edible hibiscus flowers are ‘in vogue’ for dropping into a glass of fizz and watching their petals unfurl. New research1 has uncovered that as well as adding a touch of glamour to parties, the tropical flower could help you with your resolutions this New Year…

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Researchers looked at the effect of feeding hibiscus flower extracts to animals on high fat diets. They found that the flower extracts were able to reduce the symptoms of obesity in a dose dependent manner i.e. the more extract given, the more the symptoms were reduced. The symptoms the extracts were able to reduce included ‘fatty liver’, loss of blood glucose regulation and an increase in fat cells.

The scientists concluded that the hibiscus flower extracts were an ‘effective and viable’ treatment strategy for ‘preventing the development and treating the symptoms of obesity’.

Hibiscus flower products

Other than the flowers in syrup to drop in Champagne, which perhaps isn’t the best strategy to lose weight, hibiscus products are hard to come by in the UK. Natur Boutique, specialists in herbal teas, produce an Organic Diet Tea however. Available through Holland and Barrett stores, the drink combines organic hibiscus with organic pineapple and organic green and java teas to create an exciting and effective tea, which provides a tasty way to experience the benefits of hibiscus.



  1. Food Funct. 2015 Oct 21. Polyphenolic extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa reduces body fat by inhibiting hepatic lipogenesis and preadipocyte adipogenesis. Kao ES1Yang MY2Hung CH2Huang CN3Wang CJ4.
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