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Swimming - 31. July 2007.


Kellogg's and the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) have launched the Healthy Living Award that looks at practical ways to enhance and develop people's understanding of why a healthy and active lifestyle is important.

The award is based on three key areas: Understanding Energy Balance, Balance of Good Health and Being more Healthy and Active.

Each of these is broken down into easy to learn sections, providing vital information on food, exercise and energy. A child-friendly activity pack helps young people participating in the scheme to remember the important messages they learn.

The Healthy Living Award has been piloted at St Andrews Primary School in Manchester and pupils are now nearing the completion of the scheme.

Head Teacher Joan Halsall explained the effect the scheme has had on the Year Four class (aged 8-9years).

"The children have been working towards the award during school hours and at home with their parents," said Halsall.

"At school the children have swimming lessons each week and so have become very conscious of the value of a healthy, balanced diet combined with exercise. Pupils parents are very much getting involved and supporting their children through the Activity Pack provided,"

"The children are currently preparing for the quiz that features at the end of the award and we expect all of the children to pass'"

Once pupils have successfully worked through the Activity Packs, they receive a 'Healthy Living Award' containing a certificate and badge.
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